The Hawkesbury Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is recognizing the honest actions of an eight-year-old girl who found a ring in her Halloween candy and helped get it back to the owner.

On Halloween night (October 31), after trick or treating in the Town of Hawkesbury, Catherine Denis-Berniqué and her eight-year-old daughter Piper returned home. Piper looked over her treats and found what initially she thought was a toy ring, but Piper wasn’t sure, so she asked her parents, who confirmed that it was real.

The family reported the found ring to the OPP the next day. The owner of the ring, Diane Swanson from Hawkesbury, had also called the police in hopes that her ring had been reported found. What is believed to have happened is that when Mrs. Swanson put the candy in Piper’s bag, her ring slipped off.

Mrs. Swanson was very appreciative of the honesty of the Denis-Berniqué family. Piper was also awarded a Positive Ticket for her honesty.

Mrs. Swanson wanted to give a reward to the Denis-Berniqué family, but the family were happy that the ring was returned to the owner. So instead, Mrs. Swanson decided to donate $250 to the food bank, seeing that the Denis-Berniqué family did not want any reward.