To the Editor:

Another week goes by and again prices increase on everything, simply because they can.

This week I got the excuses of inflation, staff shortages, gas prices and many other comments – all to avoid facing what has become known and recognized as gouging.

Often price increases by a small percentage, (these seem to be recurring regularly) or as a revision or update of policies. No matter what terminology is used,  there are still price increases.

If only some of the corporations – businesses, investors, banks – would be more honest and state a portion of the truth, that they need/must increase profits to satisfy the marketplace investors, they then would stop believing in themselves. Some even try to make us feel sympathetic to their price increase announcements.

When will all this verbal nonsense stop? It is time for corporations to get real and start working on solutions, rather than the famous phrase they love to state: Record Breaking Profits.

Soon there may not be enough left to create a meager profit, as more and more jump on the bandwagon of price gouging.

Accept it or not,  we are living in the historic recreation of the social structure of the Lords and the Peasants.

Richard Charest, Vankleek Hill