The deadline for organizations and groups in North Glengarry to apply for support from the township’s Community Grant Program is November 11.

The Community Grant Policy has been created to provide limited financial assistance to community groups and not-for-profit organizations operating within North Glengarry, in order to assist with their various activities.

During the annual budget preparation process, council will determine a financial commitment to the Community Grant Program. The amount council determines will be allocated for the direct grants to various organizations and groups.

In-kind grants may also be requested. In-kind grants may include the use of municipal property at reduced or no cost, coverage of permit fees, municipal staff support, loan of equipment or material.

Community Grant funding in North Glengarry is prioritized for events and projects involving arts, culture, heritage, community beautification, special events, tourism development, and historical plaques.

The grants are intended to be only supplementary to the budget of eligible organizations. Applicants must be not-for-profit organizations and community groups with a specific focus within North Glengarry. All grants are for future projects. Retroactive funding will not be granted.

Organizations and agencies which are primarily funded by government tax dollars are not eligible to apply for Community Grants in North Glengarry. Organizations based in North Glengarry but have a more regional focus are also not eligible to apply. Consideration will not be given to Community Grant requests from recreational sports groups, individual athletes, or teams. Recreation in North Glengarry is separately managed by recreation associations, which have funding mechanisms independent of the township Community Grant Program.

Application forms and complete guidelines for the North Glengarry Community Grant Program are available at .