East Hawkesbury has a new deputy mayor, and one new councillor.

In the October 24th municipal election, former councillor Jacques Tranchemontagne made a return to municipal politics by narrowly defeating incumbent Councillor Simon Rozon in the race for deputy mayor. Tranchemontagne received 599 votes, and 581 votes went to Rozon.

Tranchemontagne wants to see the situation involving construction waste dumped on the old air force base site in St-Eugène addressed more quickly. He would also like to focus on plans for a new community centre in St-Eugene and plans to bring natural gas lines to Chute-à-Blondeau.

Voters in East Hawkesbury elect three councillors at large. The three candidates with the highest vote totals win. Monique Desjardins received 881 votes, which was the highest number among the five candidates for councillor. The retired teacher would like to advocate for stricter regulation of short-term rental accommodations in East Hawkesbury, protection of the township’s forest cover, and supports the introduction of a municipal composting program.

Incumbent Councillor Stephanie Sabourin was re-elected with 648 votes. Sabourin is also interested in the cleanup of the waste at the St-Eugène site and connecting Chute-à-Blondeau with natural gas service.

Karina Sauvé, also an incumbent councillor, was re-elected on October 24. Sauvé received 528 votes. Bringing natural gas service to the township, and the new community centre in St-Eugène are priorities Sauvé has identified for council to pursue.

Candidate Pierre Langlois was not elected to East Hawkesbury council and received 520 votes. Following Langlois in vote count was former provincial Green Party candidate Thaila Riden who received 288 votes.

There was no election for mayor in East Hawkesbury. Incumbent Robert Kirby was acclaimed to another term.

Monique Desjardins was elected to East Hawkesbury council on October 24 and received the highest vote total among the five candidates for councillor. Submitted photo