Where did the summer go?! It’s hard to believe that once again, school is back, Fall is just around the corner, and Halloween decorations have already been in the stores for a few weeks. It feels as if with just a quick wink the summer flew by. A whirlwind with so many busy weekends, but also so many cherished memories made. Watching our friends tie the knot, Vankleek Hill Fair fun, and the odd relaxed weekend spent just enjoying some family time together. All classic summer events and memories, but now it’s time to prepare for a new season. A season full of new firsts for many and which also may provide the opportunity for new changes for others.

As the leaves begin to change colours in the trees and the soya beans begin to brown, I can’t help but see these as signs encouraging the opportunity for change to be made. For some families, it’s the change of having their first, or last child begin school. The first day of school is always an intimidating one, but also one full of excitement. You never know exactly what to expect, but are always excited to find out which classroom you are in and who your new teachers are. For parents seeing their littles climb onto that big school bus for the first time is always a big step.

Others begin their first day of daycare, as parents return to work after summer holidays – also, a big first for many. Or perhaps like me, parents are sending their children to daycare a few days a week to help prepare them for the upcoming school year, or just to give parents some time alone in the house to get work accomplished without a tiny human doubling the mess as quickly as you try to clean it up.

September is a month of many changes for families, sometimes intimidating or challenging to adjust to, but it also is a month that can be used as a path to step out of our comfort zones. Perhaps, watching our children embrace another school year, or watching the trees, crops and animals prepare for winter, can be a sign of encouragement to help yourself prepare for a change you’ve been wishing for.

It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos of life, to fall into routines, whether you’re happy with those routines or not. We get comfortable in our jobs, but perhaps aren’t getting as much enjoyment out of them anymore. We tend to accept our lives the way they are. As long as we’re content and have what we need, what is the point in changing things?

Being content, and being happy are two different things. Why do our lives need to be mediocre at best? Why can’t we adults find ways to embrace the excitement the first day of school or daycare can bring. Perhaps a job change is needed to find that excitement again. Or maybe just planning a weekend getaway, or a few hours to yourself. Reading your favourite book, or taking a walk down your favourite nature trail, trying out a new sport or a new recipe. All minor but effective activities that could really add a lot to our day to day routines.

With fall just around the corner, look forward to the change. Pick a new first for yourself or for your family and pursue it! Find something that will make you happy, that will invoke an excitement you haven’t felt in a long time. Get your blood flowing and put a big smile on your face.
Don’t get caught up in another year of regular routines. Make homework fun. On weekends do something new as a family. A new school year is an opportunity for new firsts! You just have to find a way to step out of your comfort zone and embrace them!
Life is too short to just be content. Find excitement and be thrilled by a new adventure! The time is now!