The Town of Hawkesbury has announced it is partnering with Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) to help resident homeowners protect themselves from unexpected repair costs related to water and sewer lines on their properties.

Through the partnership, which launched thanks to a decision by Hawkesbury’s leadership to implement the new voluntary program for residents, homeowners in Hawkesbury now have access to optional service plans that assist with the cost and management of common plumbing repairs.  Specifically, the service plans provide protection for the water and sewer service lines that connect a resident’s home to the town’s system.

A recent State of the Canadian Home” survey found that 65 per cent of Canadian homeowners are unaware that they are financially responsible for needed repairs or replacement to the water and sewer lines on their property. Homeowners are encouraged to check their existing insurance policies to find out what their coverage is in this area, and to arm themselves with information, such as deductible amounts and exclusions if the coverage is offered as an add on.

The no-deductible, low-cost service plans, available through SLWC, ensure homeowners do not have to pay up to thousands out-of-pocket for a repair. The State of the Canadian Home survey found that nearly one in five (19 per cent) Canadian homeowners have no funds set aside for an emergency. The plans aim to give residents reliable access to local, licensed, and vetted contractors who can efficiently and professionally complete needed repairs on service lines.

Homeowners in Hawkesbury will soon receive information in the mail about the program and available service plans. There is no obligation to sign up for a plan – participation in the program is voluntary. The mailings are administered by SLWC but include Hawkesbury’s logo to demonstrate that the contents are legitimate and approved by the town.

The program is provided at no cost to Hawkesbury, and no public funds are used to promote or administer it. The Town of Hawkesbury has not provided SLWC with mailing information. Mailing information was obtained through a third-party mailing list service and not through the town records.

“A SLWC service plan is a smart way for homeowners to prepare for a home emergency. These plans take the worry, inconvenience, and financial burden out of the repair,” said Mike Van Horne, General Manager, Service Line Warranties of Canada, a HomeServe Company. “Hawkesbury homeowners who enroll in a plan have easy access to a network of excellent, local contractors, and they get peace of mind that they won’t be financially responsible for an emergency repair of this nature.”

Homeowners in 70 Ontario municipalities now have access to SLWC service repair plans. Since the SLWC program’s inception, customers have saved nearly $8 million in repair expenses.

Hawkesbury homeowners with questions or who wish to receive more information about SLWC or the plans available to residents can call 1-866-922-9004 or visit