It’s that time of year again! Local regional and annual general meetings have started across the province. Something to look forward to this year, is that these meetings will be held in person, after two years of virtual formats due to the pandemic. It’s the time where local federations of agriculture gather with their members to look at the year so far and discuss issues, priorities, and concerns that affect local agricultural businesses.

In addition to having these discussions, members can look forward to getting involved and engaged in matters that directly impact their farms, businesses, and communities. Members can learn more about their local federation, about the various activities, events, and programs that they’re involved in to help promote agriculture in their community. Attendees will also be able to vote for members to get involved at the provincial level – representing their area on the Policy Advisory Council (PAC) and as delegates to the 2022 OFA Annual General Meeting, this year being held in London.

The PAC is an elected body of grassroots members that meets approximately four times per year. It consists of 88 members who provide grassroots input on key issues and policy direction, including representation from each county and commodity organizations. Another opportunity for members at these meetings, is a chance to get involved locally on their federation board of directors. They have the opportunity to make changes locally and help their fellow members when they need it.

For members in Glengarry County, the Regional/AGM meeting will be on Wednesday, September 14, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Williamstown Fairgrounds. Besides dinner, members will also be able to get a ‘Pass When Safe’ reflective sticker that the federation had made earlier this summer.

Members in Prescott County will be able to attend their Regional/AGM meeting on Monday, September 19, beginning at 8 p.m. at the Vankleek Hill Fairgrounds.

For those in Russell County, the Regional/AGM meeting will be on Tuesday, September 29, beginning at 8 p.m., at the JR Brisson Complex in Casselman. Members can look forward to hearing from an MPAC representative on the next assessment cycle and more. Members will also be able to get a ‘Caution: May turn left’ bilingual reflective sticker.

Last but not least, members in Stormont County can attend their Regional meeting on Wednesday, October 19, at 8 p.m., at North Stormont Place in Avonmore. This meeting will be held in conjunction with their regular monthly meeting.

As summer winds down and fall is around the corner, that means harvest will be starting and people will begin to be busy. Keeping this in mind, keep your eyes open for an invitation in your mailbox, email, and in the newspaper.

We hope that you’ll make some time to attend your local Regional/AGM meeting, meet with your local federation board members, and make your voices heard!

Sonia Dignard is the Bilingual Member Service Representative for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OGA) for Glengarry, Stormont, Prescott and Russell.