In October, Champlain Township Council will again discuss and possibly decide if a proposed private campground may be developed.

At the August 11 council meeting, a public meeting was held, and a planning report was received about a plan by Mario Larabie to develop a 19-site trailer campground on a property accessed from Duval Road. In order to allow the proposed campground to proceed, council will need to adopt a Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBA) to change the zoning to Commercial Tourist-Special Exception (CT-1) from the present Rural (RU) zoning. The CT-1 zoning will permit three uses on the property, the campsites, accessory buildings for the campsites, and a house being constructed on the property.

Many nearby residents and members of the township council have asked questions and expressed concerns about the proposal. Council did not adopt the ZBA in August and decided to wait until the report from the public meeting and more comments had been received.
According to Champlain Township Clerk Alison Collard, a full planning report and proposed by-law will be presented to council at the October 13 Regular Meeting.