Vankleek Hill will stay about the same size for a few more years, geographically at least. 

On August 11, Champlain Township council received a report on the Settlement Area for Vankleek Hill. The Settlement Area is basically the urban limits for the community and is formally known as an Urban Policy Area.  

A review of the Vankleek Hill Settlement Area was initiated as part of the review of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell’s (UCPR) review of its Official Plan (OP), which broadly governs lands allocated for particular uses across the counties. According to a report prepared for the township by Planning Consultant Marc Rivet, the Growth Management Strategy Update study commissioned by the UCPR as part of the OP review found no justification to expand the limits of either Vankleek Hill or L’Orignal in order to meet population and employment projections during the next 25 years. 

However, the report recommends two properties in Vankleek Hill be added to the Settlement Area/Urban Policy Area and one removed from it and changed to the Rural Area. The properties to be added are located at the south end of Vankleek Hill, fronting the west side of Highway 34. The property to be removed is located at the west end of Vankleek Hill fronting Cassburn Road/County Road 11. Even though adjustments are proposed, there will still be no net increase to the Settlement Area. The proposed adjustments were developed through consultation with property owners. 

Rivet’s report explains the recommendation to not expand the Settlement Area will allow for development within the context of existing intensification policies without potential planning conflicts with adjacent prime agricultural land. The report also recommends Champlain Township undertake a service planning study in order to better forecast future infrastructure needs in Vankleek Hill.  

The motion to receive the report on the Vankleek Hill Settlement Area was moved by Councillor Sarah Bigelow, seconded by Councillor Gerry Miner, and carried.