Earlier in June, I had written about various projects that a few local federations were working on to create better communities, to highlight farm safety on the road, as well as agriculture education for the public. Here are some updates on these projects.

Working with a local design company, the Russell Federation of Agriculture has developed bilingual reflective stickers for their members to highlight farm safety on the road. These are yellow, diamond-shaped, 18-inch by 18-inch stickers with a tractor that’s turning left and a warning that it may turn left. The purpose of this project is to put the sticker on the back of a frequently used farm implement (ex. wagon) to warn motorists that the tractor may turn left and help prevent accidents.

They are available, for free, for members of Russell County, for those that are interested in getting one. They will be offered at the Russell Federation of Agriculture Annual General Meeting on September 29, at 8 pm at the JR Brisson Complex in Casselman, as well as through myself. You can reach me at (613) 899-9521 or by email at [email protected]. If farmers are looking to get additional stickers, the Russell Federation is working with the design company so that members can order extra ones.

The Russell Federation of Agriculture has developed bilingual reflective stickers for their members to highlight farm safety on the road. Photo: Ontario Federation of Agriculture

About farm safety on the road, the Glengarry Federation of Agriculture has developed reflective stickers of their own. The ‘Pass When Safe’ stickers are rectangular in shape, with black writing on a yellow background, and they are 18 inches long by 6 inches wide. Members of Glengarry County will be able to get a sticker to put on the back of a farm implement to help promote safe passing when motorists want to pass a tractor. The stickers are available right now, for free, to members who wish to get one.

The second project that the Glengarry Federation is undertaking is the road safety signs. There will be a total of four signs, displayed at certain key areas where there is a lot of traffic during busy times of the year, and they will promote safety on the road with farm machinery.

Last but certainly not least, is the agriculture education project that the Stormont Federation of Agriculture is working on. There is a total of twenty, four-foot by eight-foot signs, that will be posted at different locations and will highlight three different crops: corn, soybeans, and wheat. The signs will name the crop that’s growing in the field, as well as enumerate some fun facts and some end uses for that crop. As an example, did you know that corn is not only used for cattle feed, but it’s also used in making insulation and cosmetics! They are working on pairing farmers with signs so that they can go up as soon as possible.

When you find yourself driving around one of these beautiful counties, keep your eyes open for these signs and stay safe!

Sonia Dignard is the Bilingual Member Service Representative for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OGA) for Glengarry, Stormont, Prescott and Russell.