Storyteller Daniel Richer taught his August 17 audience in Vankleek Hill the Indigenous sign language signs for various animals and people. Here, he prepares to teach the audience the sign for a beaver. Photo: James Morgan

The Summer Reading Club at the Champlain Township Public Library held its wrap up event on Wednesday, August 17 at Mill Street Park in Vankleek Hill. Daniel Richer shared his talent as an Indigenous storyteller with the audience of more than 40 people who relaxed in the shade by the gazebo. 

Richer told legends and stories speaking of respect and harmony among all living things and demonstrate how people around the world are part of the sacred circle of life.  

In Vankleek Hill, Richer told stories of animals and the contribution of Indigenous people to medicine and inventions. The audience enjoyed participating when Richer taught Indigenous sign language and performed songs with a drum. 

Indigenous storyteller Daniel Richer performed a song with a drum at the Champlain Township Public Library Summer Reading Club wrap-up event, held at Mill Street Park in Vankleek Hill on August 17. Photo: James Morgan