The deadline for candidates in the 2022 municipal election was Friday, August 19. Voters in municipalities across Ontario will elect new councils on October 24. Elections for school board trustees will also take place on that day. 

Champlain Township

Champlain Township Mayor Normand Riopel, who was first elected in 2018, has been acclaimed to another four-year term. File Photo

Incumbent Champlain Township Mayor Normand Riopel was the only individual who had filed nomination papers as of August 19. This means Riopel, who was first elected in 2018, has been acclaimed to another four-year term.

Candidates for councillor in Champlain Township Ward 1 (Vankleek Hill) are incumbent councillor Peter Barton, former councillor Paul-Émile Duval, and new candidate Denis Welden. There will be no election for residents of Ward 2 (L’Orignal) because incumbent Councillors Michel Lalonde and André Roy are the only two individuals who submitted nomination papers in the two-member ward. Voters in Ward 3 (Longueuil) have four candidates to chose from for the ward’s two seats. The candidates are Éric Boivin, Paul Burroughs, Ginette Clément, and Serge Ravary. Incumbent Ward 3 Councillors Jacques Lacelle and Violaine Tittley are not seeking re-election.  In Ward 4 (West Hawkesbury), incumbent councillors Sarah Bigelow and Gerry Miner have been acclaimed because no other candidates filed nomination papers.  

Town of Hawkesbury 

As of the August 19 deadline, there were two registered candidates for mayor. They are incumbent Mayor Paula Assaly and incumbent Councillor Robert Lefebvre. 

Hawkesbury residents elect six councillors at-large. Registered candidates for councillor as of August 19 are incumbent Councillor Lawrence Bogue, Yvon Cayen, incumbent councillors André Chamaillard and Raymond Campbell. Former Mayor Jeanne Charlebois is running for a council seat, along with candidates Simon Guindon, Julie Séguin, and Gérard Malo. Incumbent councillors Yves Paquette and Antonios Tsourounakis are seeking re-election, and Marie Valérie is also a candidate for council.  

Township of East Hawkesbury  

Robert Kirby has been acclaimed to another term as mayor. Kirby was the only candidate for the position to file nomination papers as of August 19. 

As of last Friday’s deadline, Incumbent Councillor Simon Rozon and Jacques Tranchemontagne are the two candidates for Deputy Mayor. 

East Hawkesbury residents elect three councillors at large. As of August 19, the registered candidates were Monique Desjardins, Pierre Langlois, along with incumbent Councillor Stéphanie Sabourin, Thaila Riden, and incumbent Councillor Karina Sauvé.  

The Nation Municipality 

Incumbent councillors Marie-Noëlle Lanthier (left) and Francis Brière are running for Mayor of The Nation Municipality. File Photos

In The Nation Municipality, Francis Brière and Marie-Noëlle Lanthier filed their nomination papers to run for mayor as of August 19. Both candidates are completing terms as councillors. 

Two new wards have been added in The Nation for the 2022 election, increasing the number of seats on council to six from four. Voters elect one councillor per ward. Incumbent Mayor François St-Amour is instead running for Councillor in Ward 1 and Tim Stewart is the other candidate for the seat. In Ward 2, current Councillor Alain Mainville has been acclaimed to another term as he was the only registered candidate as of August 19. Incumbent Ward 3 Councillor Dankik Forgues has also been acclaimed. In Ward 4, the candidates are Raymond Lalande, David Mushing, and Paul Sauvé. Two candidates, Yvon Bercier and Daniel Boisvenue are registered in the new Ward 5. In the new Ward 6, Marjorie Drolet has been acclaimed.

Municipality of Casselman 

Candidate Genevieve Lajoie is challenging incumbent Daniel Lafleur for mayor.

In Casselman, four councillors are elected at-large. As of August 19, the registered candidates are Anik Charron, incumbent Marcel Cléroux, Sylvain Cléroux, incumbent Paul Groulx, Francine Leblanc, incumbent Mario Laplante, and Danielle Mailhot.  

Alfred and Plantagenet Township 

As of August 19, there were four candidates for mayor in Alfred and Plantagenet. The candidates are incumbent councillors René Beaulne and Chantal Galipeau, incumbent Mayor Yves Laviolette, and Marc Prudhomme. Laviolette was elected to council in 2018 and has served as mayor since former Mayor Stéphane Sarrazin was elected to the Ontario legislature in June 2022. 

Voters in each of Alfred and Plantagenet’s two wards elect two councillors. As of August 19, Jean-Pierre Cadieux and Benoit Lamarche were each acclaimed in Ward 1. In Ward 2, the candidates are Emilie Ducharme has registered, and incumbent councillors Antoni Viau and Ian Walker.

City of Clarence-Rockland  

There are two candidates for mayor. Don Bouchard is challenging incumbent Mayor Mario Zanth, who is running for a full-term as mayor. Zanth was appointed mayor on September 8, 2021, following the death of former Mayor Guy Desjardins.   

Eight wards with one councillor each are represented on Clarence-Rockland Council. As of August 19, the registered candidates for councillor in Ward 1 are incumbent Ward 2 Councillor Kyle Cyr and candidate Gabriel Ngameni, and the registered council candidates in Ward 2 are incumbent Stéphane Fournier and Jay Woodruff. In Ward 3,  incumbent Carl Grimard has been acclaimed. In Ward 4, there are three registered candidates. They are Gerry Bertrand, Jacques Diotte, and incumbent Ward 1 Councillor Samuel Cardarelli. Registered Ward 5 council candidates are incumbent André J. Lalonde, Sarma Meridan, and Marc Roy. In Ward 6, Simon-Olivier Péladeau-Houle and Sylvie Riopel are the candidates. There are two registered candidates for council in Ward 7. Those candidates Michel Levert (incumbent) and Trevor Stewart. In Ward 8 of Clarence-Rockland, incumbent Diane Choinière and Melissa Gaudreau are each registered candidates for councillor.

 Russell Township 

In Russell Township, Pierre Leroux was the only candidate to file nomination papers as of August 19. As a result, Leroux has been acclaimed for another term. 

Registered candidates for the four seats on council as of August 19 are Charles Armstrong, Tony Baas, Lisa Deacon, Eric Greer, Marc Lalonde, Jamie Laurin (incumbent), and Mike Tarnowski (incumbent). 

The Village of Russell is one of the last functioning Police Villages in Ontario. The form of government dates back to the Upper Canada colonial days and the province began phasing out Police Villages in 1965. There are five  candidates for the three seats on the Village Board of Trustees. They are Dave Dyer, Julianne Duern-Bankley, Stephanie MacMillan, Mike Miller, and Denise St-Jean. 

North Glengarry

As of the August 19 deadline, Incumbent Mayor Jamie MacDonald has been acclaimed, and so has incumbent Deputy Mayor Carma Williams.

Residents of Alexandria Ward will not be voting on October 24. Incumbent Councillor Michael Madden has been acclaimed.

In Lochiel Ward, incumbent Brenda Noble is being challenged by Brian Caddell.

There are two candidates for councillor in Kenyon Ward. They are Jeff Manley and Peter Valiquet.

Voters in Maxville Ward have two candidates to choose from. They are Rita Denobriga and Gary Martin. Jacques (Jake) Massie has also been acclaimed to the councillor-at-large seat.

For dates or further information, voters and prospective are encouraged to access their respective constituent municipality website for their municipality. 

Eligible voting candidates in the municipal election must be 18 years of age, a Canadian citizen and either a resident of the municipality or a property owner or tenant. The name of the registered voter must be on the voters’ list in order to cast a ballot. 

School boards 

All of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell is designated as Ward 10 and is represented on the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) by one trustee. As of August 19, incumbent Corina Parisien is acclaimed. North Glengarry is part of Ward 9, where Curtis Jordan and Andrew Shanks are the registered candidates.  

Prescott and Russell counties are represented by one trustee on the English Catholic school board, the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO). As of August 19, incumbent Sue Wilson is acclaimed. In North Glengarry, Karen Torrie-Racine is acclaimed as CDSBEO trustee.

French-language Catholic school board supporters in Champlain Township and East Hawkesbury Township are represented by one trustee. Incumbent Sergine Rachelle Bouchard and André Bonneau are the registered candidates  to represent the two municipalities on the Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien (CSDCEO). As of August 19, Gilles Roch Greffe and incumbent André-Paul Lalonde are the candidates for CSDCEO trustee for the Town of Hawkesbury.  

One CSDCEO trustee represents La Nation and Casselman. As of August 19, Martial Levac has been acclaimed to another term. 

In Alfred and Plantagenet, incumbent CSDCEO Trustee Roger Chartrand and Louise Lalonde are the nominated candidates.  

Incumbent Clarence-Rockland CSDCEO Trustee Jean Lemay is acclaimed. Jacques Héroux is also acclaimed as CSDCEO Trustee for Russell Township. 

The Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario (CEPEO) is the French-language public school board serving Prescott and Russell Counties. The Town of Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury Township, Champlain Township, and Alfred and Plantagenet Township are represented by one trustee. As of August 19, incumbent Gilles Fournier was acclaimed.

One CEPEO trustee represents The Nation, Casselman, Clarence-Rockland, and Russell Township. Incumbent Pierre Tessier has been acclaimed.    

To vote in the municipal and school board elections, you must be registered and provide proof of residence along with your registered voter’s card. If you wish to become a registered voter, you can access the documentation online at , or call 1-866-296-6722.