Dear Editor,
Your article on Arks Harvest (“Arks Harvest offers fresh produce…” August 10) was an enlightening and spirit-lifting piece.
The work that this not-for-profit organization is doing will be of great benefit to Vankleek Hill, most notably because more people than before will have access to quality food, and they will learn more about the different ways in which good food can be distributed to citizens.
I am delighted to learn that Arks Harvest is a cooperative. This form of organization has long been a fixture in Canadian society, and is one that does not receive a lot of publicity. Cooperatives offer an alternative way to view economic enterprises and, one in which human needs, not profit, is usually the prime motivator.
And, most important (and as the article notes), cooperatives have the potential to foster a strong sense of community. In these times, that sense is needed more than ever. I wish Arks Harvest every future success, and hope that it can serve as a model for other communities.
Yours sincerely,
Kerry Badgley