Mobile Mental Health and Addiction services are coming to St-Isidore, at least temporarily.

On July 11, La Nation Council approved a request from Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) to allow its mobile Mental Health and Addiction van to set up outside the arena in St-Isidore.  According to a letter sent to La Nation Recreation Coordinator Carol Ann Scott from HGH Director of Mental Health and Addiction Geneviève Arturi, the hospital wants to make services more accessible to vulnerable populations in rural areas, which are often underserved.  

The HGH Mental Health and Addiction van is set up for a few hours on the second Thursday of each month outside the St-Isidore Arena, providing walk-in counselling until the end of September. HGH is using posters and social media to promote the service. 

Councillor Alain Mainville moved to grant the HGH Mental Health and Addiction van to park at the St-Isidore Arena. The motion was seconded by Councillor Danik Forgues. 

Naming rights policy 

La Nation Council has approved a policy to allow businesses or organizations to purchase naming rights for municipal facilities. The policy was developed over several months in response to the new sports complex being constructed in Limoges. The draft policy was recently reviewed again by the municipality’s lawyers and amended for clarity. The policy establishes minimum amounts a sponsor must pay to obtain naming rights and firmly establishes the municipality’s right to refuse applications for naming rights.  

“I like this a lot more,” Councillor Marie-Noëlle Lanthier said about the improved clarity of the policy and the emphasis on the right to refuse objectionable applications.  

Councillor Alain Mainville moved to adopt the policy and the motion was seconded by Councillor Danik Forgues.