Ottawa Riverfront Glamping Domes owners Kim and Yannick Vinette stand just steps away from the Ottawa River. Photo: Tyler Major-Mcnicol

Two new additions to a Rockland riverfront property are offering a unique take on camping on the Ottawa River.

Kim and Yannick Vinette, owners of the Ottawa Riverfront Glamping Domes in Clarence-Rockland, added two domed structures to their existing Airbnb for the 2022 season. The domes – which host couples for a unique style of camping with a romantic twist – are located on the Vinette’s waterfront property, situated along a winding road located at 2977 Old Highway 17 in Clarence-Rockland.

Five years ago, the married couple decided to share their spectacular home and property with others. Kim is a Registered Massage Therapist who works from home and Yannick is a professional landscaper. Kim and Yannick pride themselves on their home and waterfront property and created a comfortable indoor and splendid outdoor living space for a beautiful and relaxing getaway experience. The two domes are most recent additions available to guests.

“We started building five years ago, and then last year we decided to do the glamping domes,” explains Yannick, who grew up in Clarence-Rockland.

Airbnb superhosts, Kim and Yannick invite visitors to rent the Glamping Domes – named for ‘glamorous camping’ – and take-in the breathtaking views of the Ottawa River and Laurentian Mountains. Inspiration for the domes came from a desire to expand, and the couple thought the simple domed structures would be an unique addition to their riverfront property.

Equipped with a queen-size bed and nightstands, along with a bathroom and kitchen (stocked with amenities), guests are well-accommodated in their Nordic-style dome. Visitors staying overnight can have a cold drink and a bonfire with music, while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Laurentian foothills across the Ottawa River, with skylight views from their bed allowing the stars to serve as nightlights.

“(Guests) comment on the tranquility, privacy, and the fact that the domes aren’t lacking anything,” Kim enthuses, adding many people never leave the property during their stay.

“Often visitors plan to venture out on excursions, but the charm of the domes keeps them right here,” says Yannick, noting there are many things to do right on the site.

Named ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’ each of the two domes has a fully equipped BBQ kitchen, as well as a kitchenette inside. In addition to the beautiful views, equipment is provided for watersport activities including kayaks, paddle boards, and a paddle boat. The Ottawa Riverfront Glamping Dome site is also an ideal location to drop a fishing line, or read a book.

Visitors will get to know the Vinettes, who ensure the domes and rooms are kept sparkling clean and are always available to answer any questions from guests.

“When people come here, they enjoy the fact that we are always nearby to help and ensure that we get to know our guests,” Kim says, adding that meeting visitors is one of the most rewarding aspects of the couple’s business.

More information on the Ottawa River Glamping Domes can be obtained at the Airbnb link for Ottawa Riverfront Glamping Domes, or by calling Kim Vinette at 613-862-1256.

The view of the waterfront, from inside one of the domes, in Clarence-Rockland, located at 2977 Old Highway 17. Photo Tyler Major-Mcnicol

Shot from the front of one of the Ottawa Riverfront Glamping Domes, with a front view through the large bay-window-style skylight, located steps away from the Ottawa River. Photo: Tyler Major-Mcnicol