Plans are continuing for a Climate Action Plan in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR).  

At the June 22 UCPR Council meeting, Director of Planning and Forestry Louis Prévost explained that discussions are continueing with municipalities and South Nation Conservation about the project, which also involves participation in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection Program (PCPP). The PCPP provides non-binding assistance to municipalities in addressing climate change mitigation and greenhouse gas reduction. 

Prévost said preliminary discussions have also taken place with environment and climate change organization Eco-East. A more thorough, written report on the Climate Action Plan will be presented in September or October.  

Forest damage 

The Larose Forest and other United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR)-owned properties were hit badly by the violent storm which moved across the region on May 21. On June 8, Forester Steven Hunter reported to the UCPR Planning and Forestry Committee that approximately 500 acres of wooded area were damaged in the storm.

Hunter told the committee that damage was worst in parcels of UCPR land north of Hammond, south of Wendover, and west of Plantagenet. Contractors have been contacted to perform salvage work. Hunter said the quality of the forest products from the affected areas will be greatly diminished and reforestation will not be possible for three years. 

The committee also agreed to a request from Prévost to depart from the normal UCPR protocol to procure contractors to perform the salvage work. The price of the salvaged timber is to be negotiated between the contractors and the UCPR. 

On June 22, UCPR Council also approved a resolution calling for the Ontario government to improve support programs for private woodlot owners, due to the extensive damage many of them experienced on their properties as a result of the May 21 storm. Prévost said he has met with Boisés-Est, an organization of francophone woodlot owners in Eastern Ontario to discuss their situation. 

Cabin delay 

Going away for a weekend at a cabin in the Larose Forest will not be happening just yet.

In 2021, the Mana Centre, which already offers mountain bike and fatbike rentals at the Larose Forest Welcome Centre, was also planning to install and rent mini cabins for overnight stays. However, Prevost told the UCPR Planning and Forestry Committee on June 8, that technical difficulties have been encountered with battery recharging systems for the cabins. As a result, the six cabins will not be installed until the technical difficulties are resolved.