Recently I wrote to the management of the Lachute Hospital where my daughter is receiving treatment for Stage 4 cancer. The self explanatory letter follows. To date I have not even received an acknowledgement of receipt.

My daughter has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and has been receiving Chemo treatment at your facility. We are very impressed with the attentive and compassionate services she is receiving during this treatment.

Recently the group of Oncologists attending to my daughter’s needs have identified that the current course of treatment is not working to resolve growing issues and the pain she is experiencing. Recently a scan was ordered to identify what changes could be made to the treatment plan. This scan was completed on an urgent basis at the Lachute location.

It has now been nearly five weeks and there has been no report provided to the medical team to enable action to modify the treatment plan and nobody seems to know why this is. I can understand if a procedure takes place in an alternate location and results get lost in the shuffle but everything took place in Lachute. How can this happen when the attending medical team considers this an urgent situation?

I know that my ten-year-old granddaughter and my four-year-old grandson will lose their mother in the coming months as I will lose my daughter. I am not looking for a miracle but I want to know that all is being done to at least make her final days/months as liveable as possible. The front line personnel at the hospital know that something can be done and urgently needs to be done so what is wrong here?  

I would appreciate a response from hospital management as to what is going on that has this issue become so mysterious. I am available to meet or discuss this issue with anyone who can comment for the hospital. I am named on my daughter’s file as allowed to discuss her file.

Ken Duff
Vankleek Hill