The Québec government is providing more than $5 million to a Brownsburg-Chatham company that receives compost waste from municipalities across Québec. 

The grant to Mironor was announced on June 21 by Argenteuil Member of the National Assembly, Agnès Grondin.  

Mironor is beginning an approximately $14.3 million upgrade for the addition of a composting platform open space of 6,400 square meters, and the upgrading of an existing platform to environmental standards. 

The facilities will make it possible to treat food waste and green waste from approximately 383,417 households in Laval, Pointe-Calumet and locally, the village of Grenville. 

Once the work is completed, the two composting platforms will make it possible to transform 27,620 additional metric tons of organic matter into compost. The compost material will be used for the development and maintenance of green spaces and, and for agriculture across the Laurentides region. In addition to contributing to the circular economy, the operation will ultimately reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by an estimated 1,319 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.