The ASCO Group of Companies has made a donation of $50,000 to the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) Foundation. The amazing gift will be attributed directly to the HGH Foundation’s current fundraising campaign, There’s No Place Like Home.

“When Erin from the HGH Foundation called and asked if ASCO would consider donating to the There’s No Place Like Home fundraising campaign, without hesitation, Jason (Anthony’s brother and Vice-President of ASCO) and I agreed to be part of this great cause,” said Anthony Assaly, President of the ASCO Group of Companies. “Our father, Wayne, was instrumental in leading the original fundraising effort for the construction of the new hospital. It is important for us to build on his legacy and to continue to support our regional hospital.

Anthony Assaly noted that social responsibility and community engagement are part of the core values for the company.

“We believe that we have a role in making our communities a better place to work, live, and play. The Hawkesbury and surrounding communities have been, and continue to be, very supportive of our businesses – for which we are extremely grateful,” he said. “We believe that paying it forward can make a difference in the community that Jason, our families, and I, are proud to call ‘home’.”

“The ASCO Group of Companies and the Assaly Family have been incredibly generous, long-time supporters of the HGH Foundation,” said Erin Tabakman, Executive Director of the HGH Foundation. “We are so fortunate to have the support of what is now a second generation of donors, who value access to health care services for not only their family, but also the employees and clients who support them. I would like to thank Anthony and Jason for this wonderful gift for our hospital, and their father Wayne, for his integral and continual support.”

The HGH Foundation’s mission is to raise funds in order to improve the care and services offered to the community by the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital. There’s No Place Like Home is an initiative to help provide the highest priority medical equipment so that HGH can add and expand programs and services in key areas such as Ophthalmology, Advanced Mammography, Cardiology, Urology and Endoscopy.