To the Editor,

I am persuaded that most citizens of Ontario believe that democracy is the best form of government. In fact, there are people who are willing to fight in foreign countries in defense of democracy and against totalitarian regimes.

Yet come elections, our opportunity to choose our representatives in government – local, provincial or federal – and the turnout is dismal. Only 43 per cent of eligible voters in Ontario actually moved the seat of their pants from the seat of their chair to take on that responsibility. Shame on us!

The ballot box remains our best means of changing a government. No matter how hard the respective candidates worked to persuade voters to support their policies, the election results depend entirely and only on voters casting their ballot.

When we look at the 43 per cent who voted, we might question the legitimacy of this government. Can we call the results ‘majority rule’ when less than 50 per cent of us voted?

Whether we agree or disagree with the choice of this election, we face a serious dilemma. Our world is faced with climate change and we have shot ourselves in the foot by electing a party that favours big money and supports polluting industries the likes of Colacem, a huge cement plant.

While many people around the world groan under tyrannies, envying our democratic government, we have become so indifferent to our freedom that we don’t even bother to take a few minutes to cast our vote. History confirms that most empires and great civilizations failed and disappeared , not by an enemy invasion, but rather from apathy and decadence within. I’m afraid that Canada is showing serious signs of this malaise.

A concerned citizen,

Leola Meagher