Conversation avec Gaëtan Etoga

On Saturday, May 28, at 4 p.m., Arbor Gallery welcomes Gaëtan Etoga, co-founder of YMMA, a company that sells Black and mixed-race dolls made in Cameroon.

In the wake of Black Lives Matter, Etoga and co-founder Yannick Nguepdjop, an engineer and a mathematician, and both dads, became aware of the lack of diversity in the world of dolls, mainly fair faced with light hair. They decided to create and offer dolls whose complexion comes in an array of beautiful warm shades, from caramel to ebony. At the heart of their mission: to teach diversity to all children in order to build a more inclusive world, to restore their self-confidence and build their self-esteem by making them proud of their skin color for some, and finding the beauty of diversity for others.

With their new BISSA collection, diversity also extends to non-traditional professions. Women doctors, lawyers and business owners are represented here. Once again, the goal is to inspire children to dream big, to become aware of the world that can open up to them and to build an inclusive and equitable society.

During the conversation, Gaëtan will present the rationale behind the start of their business, and will answer participants’ questions. Guests will be able to admire the dolls on site and buy them if they wish to do so. Free admission – reservations recommended as seating is limited.

Conversation avec Gaëtan Etoga will be presented in French, with bilingual Q&A. More info on the Arbor Gallery Facebook page, or at [email protected] .

Together for Ukraine/ Ensemble pour l’Ukraine

Joining hands with the Creating Centre and the Unité pastorale du Soleil Levant, Arbor Gallery will partake in an awareness weekend, presented on both floors of the Higginson House (36 Home Ave.). The community has been invited to contribute creations, art, writings, posters or more to adorn the walls upstairs – some creations will also be displayed in the gallery.

On Saturday, June 4, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., there will be a walk-in conference with Luc Chénier and Dmytro Gordiienko, two men directly affected by what is happening in Ukraine. They will share their experiences and help us better understand the current reality of many who are living through this conflict. Bilingual presentation. Admission is free.

Main Hall – Maggie Dean and Brunhild Shierding

Maggie Dean and Brunhild Schierding’s exhibition Horsing around is on until the end of May in the Main Hall of the gallery.

Honouring Indigenous History

The gallery is preparing a special exhibition for June to honour Indigenous History month. Aboriginal art, artefacts, events and speakers are in the works. Details to be announced soon.

Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre is located at 36 Home Avenue, at the heart of Vankleek Hill. More information about programming and events on Arbor Gallery’s Facebook page, website or Twitter, by subscribing to the gallery’s newsletter at or by email at [email protected]