Lachute council met on April 4 and a series of regulations and resolutions were adopted. 

Second reading of a zoning regulation amendment was approved to allow eight new dwelling units of mixed types on rue Lafleur between avenue Béthany and rue Fraser. No comments were received during the public consultation process. 

Additional costs 

Council has approved more supplementary work, where construction is being done on rue Georges and rue Evelina in Lachute. A regulation was adopted on April 4 increasing the borrowing limit on the project from $3,700,000 to $4,350,000. Supplementary work totaling $139,873.43, including taxes, was also approved. 

Park plans 

On April 4, Lachute council approved the introduction and deposit of a regulation, which when finally approved will allow for up to $1 million to be spent on work to refurbish municipal parks and greenspaces. 

Slowing down 

Traffic will be moving slower soon on the streets of Lachute. On April 4, council approved the introduction and deposit of a regulation which will allow for changes to be made to speed limits on municipal streets. Mayor Bernard Bigras-Denis said speed limit changes were part of his Vision Lachute platform during the 2021 election campaign.  

“This is the first step,” he remarked. 

Council is also requesting that the Ministère des Transports du Québec that the speed limit on a section of Route 158 at the eastern edge of the urban area of Lachute be reduced from 90 kilometres per hour to 70 kilometres per hour. Bigras-Denis said there have been complaints, including from owners of businesses along the section of highway.  

The roads ahead 

A new southern extension of rue Barron in Lachute keeps getting closer to construction. 

On April 4, council approved the selection of engineering firm Civitas at a cost of $54,875, tax included to provide the services required for the design of the street extension. An agreement between the city and the developer also specifies which aspects of the project the developer is responsible for. 

A similar agreement was also approved by council on April 4 specifying the developer’s responsibilities for the construction of another new street that is planned to connect with avenue Béthany.