The Town of Hawkesbury paid its mayor and council a total of $171,384.58 in 2021. 

Mayor Paula Assaly received the highest remuneration, at $47,427.90. That amount includes a $480 telephone and expense allowance and $203.52 for public relations expenses. When Assaly’s Town of Hawkesbury remuneration is added to the $35,785 she received as the town’s representative on United Counties of Prescott and Russell Council, her total remuneration in 2021 was $83,259.90. 

Each of Hawkesbury’s six councillors received a base remuneration of $20,023.21 and $480 for telephone and other expenses in 2021. Councillor André Chamaillard’s total remuneration for the year was $20,728.21 because he received an additional $225 for other meeting expenses. 

Councillors Robert Lefebvre, Antonios Tsourounakis, Lawrence Bogue, and Raymond Campbell were each paid $20,503.21 in 2021 for their service on town council. None of the four councillors received any remuneration above the base amount of $20,023.21 and the $480 allowance for telephone and other expenses. 

Yves Paquette was paid the highest amount of any Hawkesbury Councillor in 2021. Paquette received the base remuneration of $20,503.21 and $480 for telephone and other expenses, but he was also paid $712.32 for convention expenses, which resulted in a total remuneration of $21,215.53 for the year.