To the Editor:

The recent move by Canada’s political parties is their way to fight democracy. Not elected as a majority government, reach an agreement with an opposition party whose infrastructure and finances could not support an election if one was called. It is a hypocritical way of defeating and or going against the population’s elected choices. Two parties who both claim this move (coalition not called a coalition??) is for the betterment of all Canadians.

Playing games to defeat and or eliminate election results may be border line totalitarianism. Canadians did not select a totalitarian government. The same government and elected officials who are heavily critical of such regimes on our planet at present, seem to have made and are making moves that they are critical of.

Maybe not as extremists but is this not how history shows us how to become totalitarian.

Canadian politics at all levels are a mess and this recent move just makes it worse.

But don’t worry, our leader has the chequebook under his arm, so everything will be settled by a cheque. An issue? Issue cheques – it will shut them up.

What next? Cancel elections as leaders(?) decide they are not really needed? So they stay in power for years and years. Easy to do with power-hungry, not coalition, coalitions. They’ve canceled democracy.

What credibility does Canada maintain now in world politics?

Canada is against what it is doing.. I am getting dizzy trying to follow whatever is going on.

Richard Charest
Vankleek Hill