Another spring and summer of road construction projects is coming up in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, and a staff transition is also underway. 

On March 8, municipal council approved the introduction of a notice of motion and tabling of a regulation to borrow and spend $1,559,710 for repair work on three culverts on Chemin Avoca. A grant of $972,601 will cover 62 per cent of the expense. 

At the March 8 council meeting, a contract for $256,700.74 was awarded to Inter Chantiers of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts for the installation of one new culvert on chemin Avoca. The Inter Chantiers bid was the lowest of nine received by the municipality. 

A notice of motion and regulation was also tabled on March 8 to borrow and spend $1,922,503 for repair work on Chemin Kilmar, Chemin Harrington, and a culvert replacement on Chemin de la Rivière Rouge. A grant of $1,479,437 will cover 77 per cent of the expense. 

At a time when various road improvement projects are taking place across Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, the municipality will be seeking a new Director of Public Works. After more than one year overseeing the department, Yanick Poirier’s resignation was accepted by council on March 8. 

Also at the March 8 council meeting, approval was given to the Department of Public Works to look for a new or used six-wheel Ford F550 truck at a cost of $70,000, a used Ford F250 truck with a Tommy Gate at a cost of $45,000, and to purchase 1,000 tons of sand at a cost of $17,000 for the next winter season.