Helen Howes

The Vankleek Hill Fiddlers have been honored with an Ontario Volunteer Service Award, as the group celebrates its 45th year.

Nominations for six members of the group – the maximum allowed – were submitted by Samme Putzel of Excellent Events to the Ontario Volunteer Service Awards Committee. Receiving the award on behalf of the Vankleek Hill Fiddlers are Denise Cadieux, Sheila LeRoy, Edna Moran, Doreen Howes, Roger Ouimet, and Helen Howes.

The Ontario Volunteer Service Award recognizes volunteers for providing committed and dedicated service to an organization. Adults are recognized by the length of time they’ve volunteered with one organization, ranging from five to 65 years of continuous service. Each organization may nominate up to nine volunteers, of which a maximum of six nominees may be adults.

The Fiddlers gathered to celebrate the award and play music at the Vankleek Hill Creating Centre two weeks ago, with 93-year-old member Edna Moran dancing up a storm as the group played.

“She’s still the dancer of the group,” said Putzel, who also is a member of the Vankleek Hill Fiddlers. “Every time we get a chance to play a reel she gets up to dance. It’s wonderful.”

Sheila LeRoy wrote a special article on the history of the Vankleek Hill Fiddlers for The Review as a tribute to the group in honor of the Volunteer Service Award. LeRoy’s article can be read here.