The municipality of Casselman has received a major grant from the Trillium Foundation for repair work at the J.R. Brisson Recreational Complex.

In a press release, the municipality noted the replacement of the surface of the boards and the tempered glass protection panels is necessary in order to meet the new safety standards for players and spectators. Also, over the years, errant pucks have damaged the ceiling. The repairs to the ceiling will make it possible to maintain ice temperature at an acceptable level, at a lower cost. To carry out this work, the Trillium Foundation is donating $188,600 to the municipality. Renovations will begin this spring.

Also, for money saving purposes and to reduce waste, all materials in good condition will be used to modernize the outdoor ice rink at Parc Richelieu. The laminated surfaces will help prolong the longevity of wooden boards.

“This is a significant amount for our communities,” said MPP for Prescott Russell Amanda Simard. “It makes a big difference to us. The sports complex serves several villages in the surrounding area, and it is an excellent investment on the part of the Trillium Foundation.”

“With the increase in our population, Casselman needs up-to-date facilities to serve its residents,” said Casselman Mayor Daniel Lafleur, who described the funding as a timely grant. “We are happy that the Trillium Foundation is investing in us for the good of all the communities.”

Work on the complex will begin this spring and is to be completed in August of 2022.

Renovation details

Replacement of the entire board surface is necessary due to the age and poor condition of the surface. All 134 meters of the boards’ surface will be replaced by HDPE (high density polyethylene plastic) panels, which are resistant to mold, odors, stains and scratches and offer long-term resistance to shocks, without rusting, cracking or peeling.

The municipality will change 67 meters of tempered glass acrylic panels. The material used is Crystaplex 590 acrylic – a certified product for NHL ice surfaces.

Over the years, errant pucks have damaged the energy shield panels on the ceiling in several places. The repairs to the ceiling will make it possible to maintain ice cooling at an acceptable level, at a lower cost. The section will be lowered with safety nets to prevent further damage. Two safety nets three meters high by 25 meters long will be installed at each end of the ice.