To The Editor,

Let’s get right down to it. I had to call a friend to get the right spelling for this: the definition when a large, powerful country attempts to take over a less powerful country. All the information I am about to present in this article is from CBC National News and Fifth Estate – both reputable sources. Here we go.

It’s called China’s Global Agenda. People have been tracking their progress for at least a decade. What China wants is to put North America in chaos and here’s how. For the past two years when China has been sending large barges with containers to the States and ports in Canada, what is expected from every country is you drop off full containers and load up with the empties but China isn’t. They are leaving the empty containers and going home without them, which is causing a real mess at the docks and a severe delay in the delivery of goods – which is just what they want.

About eight years ago, China sent government-funded speculators to buy as many houses, condos, apartments as they could and they did just that starting in the West Coast and over time purchasing all they could right to the East Coast. They didn’t stop at houses,  as farms were also scooped up.

These actions had a reaction. The Chinese government wanted chaos and a severe shortage of housing in our country. The middle class is quickly disappearing. We now have tent cities in Cornwall and the East Coast has people living in tents, trailers and buses because of severe shortages of low cost housing. I foresee in the very near future refugee camps for Canadian people in their own country who just can’t make it financially.

I also believe that this pandemic was not an accident, but a form of biological warfare. Face it, if I was a country which planned global domination, I would want that world to be off balance. What better way than realizing that there would be much anger over lockdowns and there would be those against vaccination. They were right.

I also believe China had a hand in the election of Justin Trudeau. Face it, if Russia got Trump in, why couldn’t China do the same in Canada?

A little more than a year ago, there was a meeting of countries. Australia was there and spoke of being in the sights of China, as well as the UK. It seems they are very interested in Commonwealth countries. Australia tried to warn our government of influencers  operating in our country and theirs. Our government chose to ignore it.

What China does is hire – more like purchase  – the abilities of ex-politicians. The higher the better, such as ex prime ministers, right down to civil servants from towns and cities. Their job is to communicate with current government workers and through lavish trips and monetary gifts facilitate any Chinese purchases and/or activities that may come up. People, like Jean Chrétien, have been involved with China for decades. Jean Charest now works for Huawei. John David is presently in the employ of a Chinese oil company, and Kevin Lynch, 33 years in the government, his last posting as Clerk Clerk for the Privy Council of Canada. I believe they are just the tip of the iceberg.

China is accused of brainwashing people. It’s something they call re-educating. If they can do that behind walls, why couldn’t it be accomplished on a large scale through social media? Face it: we’re only 39 million people.

Now let’s get to the convoy and the various blockades of trade routes with our largest trading partners the United States. It has had the exact result China wanted, which was to put a wedge between Canada and the U.S., along with other countries, wondering if its safe to trade with us. So all these people on blockades are working for China. Who knows, it might even be funded by China and probably is – at least indirectly

What I don’t understand about the protests, is what more can Canada do for you people? We gave you health care, welfare, unemployment insurance, CPP, old age pension, CERB payments during the pandemic to help keep you afloat, and yes, some people did abuse it. Do you realize how many countries around the world have none of these privileges? All you protesters can do is scream ‘Freedom’, when it is something we’ve always had, along with our democracy and sovereignty – which we took for granted and never really appreciated.

Social media can make some people do really stupid things. Some are very easily convinced they’re in the right and can’t be convinced otherwise. These people at the blockade do not represent the Canadian people. They are more of a representation of a small, ugly part of this country. They see no wrong in stopping people from earning a living, as restaurants, shopping centres and museums remain closed.

A lot of the affected workers are doing minimum-wage jobs. Some are one paycheck away from having nothing. Elderly people are living in fear to walk the streets of Ottawa. Health care workers and doctors are being yelled at for doing their jobs.

As far as I’m convinced, these people who scream ‘Freedom’ for Canada are the real bottom of the barrel: cold, heartless, callous and the complete opposite of what being a Canadian truly is. If it was up to me, since you don’t like our country and its beliefs, I would take down all your names and remove your proof of citizenship along with your passports and tell you to leave this great country and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

God, I’m gonna hate to lose this country but I believe it’s inevitable.

P.S. I don’t believe any Canadian political party could have survived the onslaught. I see no political way out of this, so I’m counting on Mother Earth and Climate change to level the playing field.

Andy Perreault, Vankleek Hill