To The Editor,

I’m very fortunate in a number of ways. I reside in a somewhat remote area which suits me well, since I unabashedly choose to live a hermit-like existence. I have helped raise two sons and continue to enjoy being a parent and grandparent. I am proactive ,maintaining my health by choosing to source organic products and produce from locally-grown farmers’ markets while trying to put food on the table – all grown within a 100-kilometre radius.

I believe in the administering of injections to combat COVID-19, as well as the provincial government mandates restricting large groups of people interacting, especially those who refuse to wear masks and roll up their sleeves for the jabs. However, one of my sons is an anti-vaxxer and rails against being treated as a second-class citizen. On one hand, I am proud of his (taking after dad) bullheadedness by standing up for his beliefs while on the other hand, there are nights when I lie awake fearing that phone call from an Alberta hospital, that my boy is on life support. Perhaps there are many others in this difficult situation.

It does irk me that hospitals seem to be overwhelmed with predominantly unvaccinated patients. I feel that our society has been too lenient in dealing with those who refuse to follow the advice of health professionals. Perhaps when admitting people with COVID-like symptoms, hospital administration staff can weed out those persons who do not possess proof attesting to at least two innoculations and shunt them off towards a set-up in military barracks, for example. There they can be triaged while waiting their turn to graduate to a higher level of care.

Jerry Boroff, Dalkeith