To the Editor,

Hmmm. It would seem that Mr. Fraser is a bit… muddled. In his electronic letter to the editor ( Which way did he go? February 2, 2022), he has somehow combined a very anti-Trudeau stance with a position that suggests all the anti-COVID efforts have been a mistake and we should immediately cease and desist in those efforts. And where he got that Trudeau is leading us to war stuff, well, goodness only knows.

Still, he is partly right. Trudeau is increasingly out of favour with the electorate, as the numbers proved in the last election and increasingly in more recent polls. However, somehow linking that to a widespread opposition to anti COVID-19 measures is – simply put – way off the mark.

The vast majority of Canadians (north of 85 per cent) are very much in favour of whatever measures it takes to halt this pandemic. Are vaccinations, lock downs, masks, restrictions on those who refuse to vaccinate popular? Do we like them? Would any rational person want such things? Of course not.

But as rational, responsible adults who understand and trust our health care professionals, we know that these things are necessary to protect ourselves, our families, our communities and to bring this awful thing to an end. It has nothing to do with anybody’s rights and freedoms. It is a simple matter of community health and safety.

Can you drive your car as fast as you like on a public road? Of course not. It would prove a grave risk to the entire community and so is not allowed. And it’s no good shouting ”My car, my choice!” The answer is no.

Same thing here. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, fine, stay at home. But if you want to congregate with the rest of us, get your damn shots, wear your damn mask and stop pretending this is about rights and freedoms. It’s about the health and safety of our whole community.

And about acting like a grown-up.

Colin Affleck
Champlain Township