To the Editor:

I just wanted to put in a heads up about the truckers and “freedom”. Everyone is forgetting about the farmer. How does our farmer get his chickens, produce, milk, etc. to the plants? While the products of the farmer’s hard work and incredibly long hours rots, who gives a damn about the farmer?

Truckers feel they have a beef, they have the right to demonstrate – they have something to complain of: the vaccine. Why do they need to isolate? They work alone for long long hours and miles. Sleeping arrangements can be safely set aside, instead of locking them up for two weeks.

Truckers are, however, pretty well paid, have protection, pension plans, even some benefits with some companies. Farmers don’t get vacations and sick leave, but the work they do FEEDS truckers (and us).

How can we bring a bit of sanity into this Truckers’ Tantrum?

Christine Godin