A standard part of the Champlain Township agenda is a monthly report from the Planning and Economic Development department. It can be an eye-opener to follow the sometimes slow progress of local housing developments by following the status/description information.

We thought we would share the details of a few local projects included in the January 14, 2022 Champlain Township agenda as part of the planning report.

Habitations Robert Inc. (Vankleek Hill Valleys)

Phase 1 of this approximately 270-unit housing development slated for the eastern edge of Vankleek Hill was approved in June 2020. A building permit was issued for a model home and the draft plan of subdivision was approved in June 2020. What’s next? The municipality is waiting for the applicant to sign and executive the pre-serving and subdivision agreement for Phase 1 (about 30 homes). A blanket easement has been prepared for the Vankleek Hill Ski Trail (a Public Use Agreement). A cost-sharing agreement for the reconstruction of Farmers Avenue is required prior to Phase II.

You can see the subdivision layout here: https://habitationsrobert.ca/en/projet/vankleek-hill-valleys/

Goyer (L’Orignal)

This development is on hold. A Draft Plan of Subdivision has been prepared and will expire on September 20, 2022. A related application for severance to detach Phase I of the proposed development expired on May 26, 2021. Revised civil plans were submitted in August 2020. What’s next: The municipality is waiting for the application to initiate the next round of Peer Review for the project.

Cliftondale (Vankleek Hill)

This development will consist of 21 single dwellings, as well as five lots for 10 semi-detached dwellings and a larger lot with frontage on County Road 10 for either apartment housing or a condominium development. The subdivision was first mentioned at a public meeting of Champlain Township council in 2009. The peer review is underway for the draft plan of subdivision, which was approved in 2009. A five-year extension was issued in 2014 and a subdivision agreement was prepared in 2015. The subdivision agreement was not executed. A five-year extension was granted in 2019. In 2020, the applicant obtained a revised Draft Plan of Subdivision. A November 2020 report to council included reducing the number of entrances on County Road 10, reducing the  number of single dwelling units from 27 to 21, relocating semi-detached dwelling units, relocating the stormwater management pond, and maintaining a large block with frontage on County Road 10 for the purpose of apartment housing or a condominium project. Revised civil plans were received June 23, 2021. Two rounds of peer review are complete and issues have been identified for follow-up with Champlain Township. What’s next? EVB Engineering and Champlain Township Public Works have provided comments to the applicant.

Place de la Seigneurie (L’Orignal)

Phase 1 of Place de la Seigneurie was completed in 2017 and a second phase was completed in 2021. Phase 3A, consisting of nine lots, is underway. The township’s public works department is reviewing the civil works required for Phase 3A before allowing building permit applications. Place La Seigneurie in L’Orignal doubled in size with the official inauguration of the second phase of the project, which added 15 new lots in 2017. The new development offers municipal water, natural gas and high-speed internet through a newly-installed fiber optic cable. Neil Levac and Luc Bertrand are the minds behind the Place La Seigneurie project, which will ultimately include five phases. The initial phase of this development offered 17 wooded lots. Phase 2 includes 15 lots ranging in size from 32,500 sq. ft to 58,000 sq. ft. Phase III will connect the neighborhood to County Road 4. What’s next? This phase is on hold, waiting for a cost estimate at this time.

Spina subdivision (formerly known as the Prud’homme subdivision)  (Vankleek Hill)

This development plan dates back to 2014, with a subdivision plan prepared in 2017. The subdivision agreement is unsigned and municipal bonds amounting to about $1 million are required. The project includes a significant grading plan and construction of retaining walls; however, engineering plans may require an additional round of peer review as the original approvals date from 2017. Champlain Township has automatically acquired the road in the subdivision project.

Sandy Hill/Ste-Anne Road development

A file number has not been assigned to this project yet, to be located in the West Hawkesbury ward of Champlain Township. A pre-consultation has taken place at the United Counties of Prescott-Russell. Comments from this pre-consultation have been provided to the applicant.