Residential property owners in the urban area of Lachute can expect an average increase of $192 on their property taxes in 2022.

Town council approved the $28.3 million 2022 budget on December 20, 2021. The 2022 budget is 14.13 per cent, or $3.5 million, greater than the 2021 budget.  

The average value of an urban, residential home in Lachute is $217,191, which means the taxes for a property of that value are approximately $2,550 – an increase of 7.9 per cent from 2021 – and an increase of $192 on the property tax bill for a residential property of the average value.

Growth in property values is a significant cause for the tax increase. A new property valuation conducted for Lachute in 2021 resulted in a 6.31 per cent increase in the average residential property value – which was previously $204,295.

The valuation roll is updated every three years. On the previous roll, the overall value of taxable property in Lachute was $1,313,568,500. For the new 2022 to 2025 roll, the overall value is $1,475,405,800. The increase in valuation is due to development of new properties or renovations to existing properties. The overall valuation increase is 12.32 per cent, or $161,837,300. 

Property taxes are projected to comprise 69 per cent of municipal revenue in 2022. The town has also used $1,060,200 from reserves to balance the 2022 budget. 

Roads are projected to account for 19 per cent of budget spending in Lachute this year, followed by the water and sewage system, at 18.5 per cent. The third-largest area of expenses is 15.1 per cent for servicing municipal debt. Recreation and culture is projected to comprise 11.9 per cent of municipal expenses in 2022. 

The 2022 Lachute budget includes expenditures on a three-year capital investment program worth $60,086,175. Out of that amount, $23,200,675 will be spent in 2022, with $13,680,835 being paid for by the town and the remainder covered by grants. The town is planning to spend $4,167,100 to improve infrastructure on avenue Lorraine and rue Walker, implementing a secure corridor program, and planning collector streets. Extending avenue Barron between avenue Lorraine and boulevard Cristini is projected to cost $3.5 million. Intersection improvements and new traffic lights at the intersection of rue Principale and avenue Hamford are budgeted at $1,480,000, and $3,200,000 has been set aside for underground infrastructure installation in the Synercité business park. 

Completing the protracted process of converting the former United Church building on rue Principale into Lachute’s new public library remains a priority in 2022. The capital budget includes $4,100,000 so the work may continue. The town is planning significant expenditures on new public works vehicles and equipment and has set aside $1,203,000 for those purchases. Capital spending on parks and recreational paths is projected to be $1,205,000 and $401,575 has been allocated for new equipment and tools for the fire department. 

While presenting it at the December 20 council meeting, Mayor Bernard Bigras-Denis explained the budget was developed to prioritize elements of the campaign platform from the November 2021 municipal election – which resulted in his Vision Lachute party winning every seat on council – and to uphold the goals of the municipal strategic plan.  

The budget was approved unanimously by council.