Financing for the expansion of the Van Kleek Senior Citizens Manor has been confirmed and the shovel should be in the ground in April 2022. The facility should be completed by April 2023.

The financing milestone is a step forward for the 30-unit senior apartment facility to be built at 71 Derby Avenue on property near the former Vankleek Hill Day Care at the end of Derby Avenue. The estimated value of the project is not available.

Van Kleek Senior Citizens Manor presented its site plan to Champlain Township in September 2021.

In November 2020, The Review reported that there were 141 applicants on a waiting list for housing, according to Manor corporation chairperson Gary Barton. According to a December 15, 2021 announcement, there continues to be a significant waiting list for the new apartments.

Champlain Township sold one third of the former Champlain Day Care property to the not-for-profit Van Kleek Senior Citizens Manor Corporation for one dollar. The township will retain the balance of the property, but the day care centre will be demolished by the township.

Champlain Township Mayor Normand Riopel said that the building will eventually be demolished and that the Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market, which has been using the day care building for its weekly Saturday morning markets, will be given about one month’s notice before demolition.

The Van Kleek Senior Citizens Manor statement says that building construction may be completed by the spring of 2023 and the the first tenants will occupy their apartment as of April 2023.

The additional land acquired from the township was needed to ensure sufficient parking for the new building. In addition, Champlain Township has granted the Manor corporation access to the day care property for parking and vehicle access during construction.