The Association of Volunteer Fire Fighters and the Knights of Columbus joined forces for a 2021 campaign to help out families over Christmas through the L’Orignal Food Bank, raising numerous items and more than $17,000 for the organization’s annual basket drive.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual door-to-door food drive was canceled for a second year. Residents of the area, in large numbers, brought their donations of non-perishable foodstuffs and money directly to the L’Orignal fire station and the local food bank.

La Grande Guignolée distributes baskets to more than 70 poor families in the region; filled with food in time for Christmas. The 2021 drive resulted in the harvest of 2,460 kilograms of food and more than $17,585 in monetary donations, which is primarily used to purchase perishable food items. All excess funds collected will be remitted to the L’Orignal Food Bank to help defray their operating costs for the coming year.

The organizing committee would like to thank all the volunteers, partners and sponsors who provide their support and the population for their generous contributions. Thanks also to the group L’Orignal families for their help and the Delta Boardwalk Bingo Hall in Hawkesbury, which gives a share of its income to organizations in our communities, thus making it possible to provide assistance to those who need it most.