There will be more dairy products in local refrigerators in the weeks ahead thanks to a donation to the Vankleek Hill Food Bank. 

On December 3, Prescott County Dairy Producer Committee President Terry Heinzel presented a cheque for $2,500.00 to food bank Co-Directors Mike McGurk and Jane Fantie. In the past, the committee has made donations of milk and yogurt to the food bank. McGurk said the donation will be used to buy only Canadian-produced dairy products for food bank clients. He said they will be ensuring all dairy products purchased have the blue or black Dairy Farmers of Canada logo on the label proving the contents originated from Canadian milk.  

Fantie is excited that the food bank will use the donation to provide cheese for its clients and appreciated the donation. 

“Our community has been amazing in supporting us.” 

Fantie said demand for service at the food bank has doubled in recent months and they are trying to promote healthier, fresh, and whole foods for clients instead of packaged foods.