The next two weeks will be busy at the Arbor Gallery, with workshops and popup shops.

On December 18, Coup de Coeur participants and visitors will be invited to meet, mix and mingle. At that time, participants will find out if they won one of the gift-baskets provided by Garden Path Homemade Soap, Vankleek Cottage, Jade Garden and The Review.

Behind the scenes, the Arbor team is hard at work preparing for the new year. The exhibition calendar is almost full, with a variety of artists and artisans’ artwork throughout the year.

“Even with the challenges brought by the pandemic, we are focusing our energy in reviving the gallery as a hub for people to gather and find joy,” explains Sylvie Bouchard of the Arbor Gallery. “We are going with what people are requesting from us. This is a place for the community, and we want to make sure it meets their wishes.”

Music and interesting people

Arbor Gallery is hoping to present regular intimate concerts, starting with a Valentine concert with Lynne Hansen, presented by Saken Music. Being revived is also the Speakers Series, bringing interesting people to talk about various topics.

The gallery welcomes suggestions and people interested in giving a talk are welcome to send in their submission. Workshops are also being planned.

Call for volunteers
As a registered charity, the Arbor Gallery operates almost exclusively with volunteers and the gallery needs more.

“We are grateful for our great team of volunteers, but we are in dire need of volunteers to help with specific, skilled functions, such as accounting and grants,” Bouchard said.

Anyone wishing to apply as volunteer can do so at [email protected]

Help keep the Arbor Gallery alive

The pandemic has been hard on many small businesses, the Arbor gallery is no exception. Long closures and strict restrictions have prevented volunteers from organizing concerts, events and fundraisers at the gallery for most of 2020 and 2021.

“We are hoping that 2022 will allow us to have our ‘rise of the phoenix,” says Bouchard. “We are now allowed full occupancy with vaccination proof, but recuperating our losses will be challenging.”

“Every little bit helps, people can help by becoming members or donate through our website. We want to make sure that we remain a strong part of the community, and we are asking everyone for their help.”

Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre welcomes visitors from Wednesday through Sunday until December 18, from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday holiday hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To volunteer, or find out about the community show and other events, visit the gallery Facebook page and website, or reach out by email at [email protected] Arbor Gallery is located at 36 Home Avenue, in Vankleek Hill. Phone: 613-518-2787