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We often take microwaves for granted. Replacing your microwave is important, especially when you consider upgrading to a model with newer features. Before making a final purchase, make sure to consider all of your options and check out what they offer. We’re here to help.

We’ve carefully curated this list of the best microwaves in Canada. We know that there is a microwave on this list for you.

Best microwaves in Canada

Best overall: Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Solo Microwave

The best microwaves in Canada combine form and function. The Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Solo Microwave is small enough for most kitchens but powerful enough to use for daily cooking, reheating, or food prep.

The version we’re looking at is the 1.2 cubic-foot, 1,100-watt Solo option. There is also a 1.5 cu.ft Convection version available if you need something with a little more power. However, this larger option has some of the same great features.

This microwave has 10 different power settings. You can adjust from 0% to 100% of the total power at any time, giving you access to a range of warming and cooking options. The six cooking presets use the power settings to perfectly cook popular foods, such as frozen pizza, frozen entrée, potato, rice, and veggies. A sixth feature, Sensor Reheat, uses the microwave’s smart sensor to adjust settings in real-time.

This works by measuring the humidity levels in your food. The sensor takes measurements of the humidity, and then adjusts temperature and cooking time to perfectly reheat the food in question. This makes it easy to reheat dinner plates and other leftovers without overheating it or producing cold spots.

The small footprint easily fits on most countertops. Even in small spaces, you don’t have to worry about waking up family members or sleeping children, because this microwave has a mute button. Holding the ‘8’ key for three seconds turns the chime and button noises on and off, perfect for when you need to be discreet.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about your electric bill. The ECO mode allows the microwave to use 50% less power when it isn’t being used. You can choose this option from the control panel, which features large buttons that are easy to see and use.

Features of the Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Solo Microwave

10 power settings

Sometimes, one power setting isn’t going to work for all your needs. This microwave has 10 power settings, allowing you to adjust how you use the microwave. You can use a lower power setting to keep food warm or turn it up for cooking frozen meals. There are options for all your favourite uses.

Mute button

The microwave chime can be jarring, especially if someone is sleeping as you’re using it. The Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Solo Microwave features a mute button that stops the chime at the end of the cooking cycle. Holding the ‘8’ key for 3 seconds turns the chime on and off at any time.

6 cooking presets

Cooking presets tune your microwave’s settings to perfectly heat certain foods. This microwave has six cooking presets, including Sensor Reheat. This option utilizes the microwave’s smart sensor, which uses the food’s humidity level during cooking to adjust temperature and reheat time. Other options include frozen pizza, frozen entrée, potato, rice, and veggies.

ECO mode

Activating ECO Mode on this microwave minimizes standby power use by 50%. This lowers your electricity bill and helps with excessive energy consumption.

What sets the Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Solo Microwave apart?

This microwave from Toshiba offers some exciting modern features. The compact version fits easily on most countertops. The large buttons on the control panel are easy to see and simple to operate. The bright white LED light makes it easier to see inside the microwave while it’s in use.

  • Easily fits on most countertops
  • Large touch buttons on the control panel
  • Bright interior LED light

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Best budget: Westinghouse Countertop Microwave

Budget microwaves often cut corners to sell at lower prices. They might not offer the same features as full-priced models. That isn’t the case with the Westinghouse Countertop Microwave. This machine may be less expensive than the other options on our list, but it offers great performance and useful options.

This microwave offers a compact design despite its larger capacity. At 0.9 cubic feet, it’s right in the middle of our list. It’s large enough for most plates, though larger dinner places may be too wide. The design offers even the smallest kitchens a touch of sophistication.

There are six quick cook settings, which allow you to heat and cook common foods with a single button. These presets are for popcorn, baked potato, pizzas, beverages, ‘reheat’, and frozen dinners. These settings work with 10 different power levels to prioritize perfect settings for each of your favourite foods.

There are two separate defrosting options as well, especially useful for preparing frozen foods quickly. You can defrost by weight or by time, so you can choose the option that works best for the food you’re working with. The control panel is intuitive, so you can easily use these features.

A child lock on the door helps keep your children safe. Engage the lock when the microwave is on to prevent children from opening the door. They won’t be able to access hot food as long as this lock is engaged.

Features of the Westinghouse Countertop Microwave

6 quick cook settings

Six quick cook settings allow you to cook popular foods just by pressing the button. The microwave will adjust settings to the ideal options for these foods. The quick cook options include popcorn, baked potato, pizza, beverage, reheat, and frozen dinners.

Compact design

This Westinghouse Countertop Microwave has a small footprint. Exterior dimensions are only 19” x 14” x 11”, so it will easily fit on most countertops. The interior capacity is 0.9 cubic feet, so it’s large enough for most plates.

Child safety lock

If you are concerned about your children opening the microwave and potentially encountering hot food, this microwave can help. When the unit is in use, it features a child safety lock on the door. Your children won’t be able to get this microwave open while the food is hot enough to burn them.

Two defrosting options

You can defrost frozen foods two different ways with this Westinghouse microwave. You can use the auto weight defrost, which allows you to input the food’s weight. There’s also a speed defrost button that allows you to quickly get your frozen foods ready to cook.

What sets the Westinghouse Countertop Microwave apart?

This microwave offers low-maintenance convenience for most spaces, including smaller spaces. We love the stainless-steel design because it looks sleek and professional. The touch control panel is intuitive and easy to use. Inside, the turntable is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Multi-stage cooking options allow you to make more complicated meals without the hassle of a standard over.

  • Sleek stainless-steel design
  • Intuitive control panel
  • The turntable is dishwasher safe
  • Multi-stage cooking options

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Best low wattage: COMFEE EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave

Smaller microwave ovens are great for occasional use in smaller kitchens. The Comfee EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave has a small 0.7 cubic-foot capacity and runs at 700 watts. Reheating foods, defrosting, and more is easy with this microwave.

It offers both express cooking and six specialized cooking settings. Express cooking allows you access to 100% of the microwave’s power. You can set the appliance to cook for between 1 to 6 minutes at a time with this full power setting. When you’re in a hurry, this setting heats food extremely fast.

The six one-touch cooking settings include a full panel of settings for certain foods, including reheating dinner plates, beverages, pizza, potatoes, frozen vegetables, and popcorn. You only have to press these buttons once to heat popular foods.

Other features include a complete mute button and a child safety lock. You can turn the sound on and off easily, removing the chime when the cooking cycle is done. It also silences the noises the microwave makes when you press buttons.

The child safety lock keeps the door locked tight while the microwave is in use. You can activate or disable the child lock, so your children are safe. If you don’t have children, you don’t need to enable this feature. It won’t be an inconvenience.

Finally, this microwave also comes with an ECO mode. This reduces the power the microwave consumes when it’s on standby, keeping your power bills lower than other models might.

Features of the COMFEE EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave

Complete mute button

A mute button allows you to use the buttons without sound. It also mutes the chime to alert you when the cooking cycle is complete. If you use the microwave when others are sleeping (or when your children are napping, for instance), this option is great for keeping things quiet.

Child safety lock

When the microwave is in use, the door locks tight to prevent children from opening the microwave. This can help avoid burns and other hazards associated with small children having access to the microwave.

Six one-touch cook settings

One-touch cook settings adjust your microwave’s settings to the optimal levels for certain foods. This Comfee microwave has six of these options, including dinner plate, beverage, popcorn, frozen vegetable, pizza, and potato.

Express cooking options

This microwave’s express cooking options allow you to turn the microwave on for 1-6 minutes at full power. This helps you quickly cook your food. Need more time? Use the +30sec button to add additional express cooking time.

11 power levels

While most microwaves that have power level options have ten options. Some have even fewer power options. The Comfee EM720CPL-PMB has eleven full power levels. You can adjust the way the microwave works with these options.

What sets the COMFEE EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave apart?

The Comfee microwave has a wealth of notable features that make it stand out. The defrosting options work by weight or time, so you can use your preferred method. The control panel features big touch buttons. They’re easy to use and to see without squinting. If you’re worried about your electric bill, you can turn on ECO mode to reduce standby energy usage.

  • Defrost by weight or time
  • Big buttons on the control panel
  • ECO mode saves your electric bill

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Best Display: Black + Decker EM720CB7 Digital Microwave

Black + Decker is known for making quality home and kitchen products. The Black + Decker EM720CB7 Digital Microwave is another one of their great products. It offers a smaller capacity and footprint, so even the smallest spaces can enjoy all of its features.

This microwave comes in four different sizes. We’ll be looking at the 0.7 cubic-foot option, which features a 700-watt power rating and 10 different adjustable power settings. You can change the full power from 0% to 100% just by cycling through the options. You can keep food warm on the lower settings, defrost and reheat on higher settings, and cook with close to 100% power.

It also offers express cooking, so you can use 100% power for 30 seconds at a time. You can keep adding 30-second intervals for as long as it takes for your food to cook. The large, illuminated LED display will allow you to change program settings with the easy-touch buttons.

You can defrost with two different options: time or weight. This allows you to adjust based on what you’re cooking and how long you need to defrost it for. It also allows you to use the display as a kitchen timer so that you can keep track of things without needing a separate timer.

Features of the Black + Decker EM720CB7 Digital Microwave

Kitchen timer options

This microwave has an option to use the display as a timer. This comes with no obligation to turn the microwave on. Just set the time and the internal timer will go off when the clock reaches zero.

10 power levels

This Black + Decker microwave features adjustable power options. You can choose between 10 different power levels, from 0% to 100% of the unit’s total capabilities. This allows you to warm food and cook food in the same microwave, without having to adjust other settings.

Express cooking

Express cooking options allow you to heat food quickly. You can add 30 seconds at a time. Express cooking is automatically set at 100% power, so you get the most out of your microwave as quickly as possible.

Large LED display

Some microwaves have small displays, making them more difficult to use. This Black + Decker microwave has a large LED display that is easy to see, even when you are standing on the other side of the kitchen.

What sets the Black + Decker EM720CB7 Digital Microwave apart?

The Black + Decker EM720CB7 Digital microwave offers a ton of useful features to make your kitchen more efficient. The stainless steel design is classy, and it looks great on any countertop. There are four different capacity options to choose from – the 0.7 cubic feet seen here, as well as 0.9 Cu.ft, 1.1 Cu.ft, and 1.4 Cu.ft options. The turntable is 10 inches in diameter, large enough for most plates. Additionally, the door opens with a push of a button rather than a pull handle.

  • Stainless steel design
  • Four capacity options are available
  • 10” glass turntable diameter
  • Push-button door access

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Best inverter: Panasonic NNSG676B Mid-Size Genius Microwave

Though the Panasonic NNSG676B Mid-Size Genius microwave is advertised as a mid-sized model, it’s much larger than any of the microwaves on our list. This microwave has a capacity of 1.3 cubic feet, nearly doubling some of the smaller microwaves we’ve looked at. Though it’s also more expensive, it has a ton of features.

First among these is the inverter technology it uses to cook. This technology is responsible for providing a constant stream of energy and heat, making sure that your food is cooked evenly all the way through. You won’t have to worry about hotspots in soups or frozen spots in the middle of your snacks. The inverter takes care of all of these issues, providing perfect heating every time.

This microwave also uses a genius sensor, which changes all of the settings based on a few auto cook settings. These are popular setting options that are adjustable by weight. They include options for potatoes, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, frozen pizza, frozen entrees, casserole, and ground meat. There’s an option for just about every food on this list.

If you’re looking to defrost quickly, the Panasonic NNSG676B offers Turbo Defrost. This system uses weight to defrost your frozen food as quickly and efficiently as possible. The goal is to make your foods ready to cook, and this microwave works hard to make that happen without the wait.

Features of the Panasonic NNSG676B Mid-Size Genius Microwave

Genius sensor

This Panasonic microwave features a Genius sensor. This uses the ‘Sensor Cook’ auto cook options to adjust the power level, temperature, time, and more. The result? Meals that are perfectly cooked no matter what.

Large capacity

Unlike the other microwaves on this list, the Panasonic NNSG676B has a huge capacity. It’s listed as 1.3 cubic feet, which is nearly twice the capacity of some of the smaller microwaves we’ve looked at before. It can fit a large dinner plate and larger frozen meals.

7 auto cook settings

The Auto Cook settings on this microwave work by weight. You can use the ‘Sensor Cook’ option to choose the following options: potatoes, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, frozen pizza, frozen entrees, casserole, and ground meat.

Inverter technology

Inverters allow for powerful, even cooking for solids, soups, and more. The inverter in this microwave eliminates hot spots and allows you to cook, defrost, and warm food extremely quickly. It allows for a constant stream of heat and energy. You won’t come across frozen spots in your foods when you use this microwave.

Turbo defrost

This microwave offers Turbo Defrost, a system that efficiently gets your food ready to cook. It’s tailored by weight, so your food will be perfectly dethawed every time. Then, you can cook your defrosted food using the other available options.

What sets the Panasonic NNSG676B Mid-Size Genius Microwave apart?

This Panasonic microwave has several options that set it apart from other microwaves in its price range. It uses inverter technology to cook food quickly and evenly, unlike microwaves that create ‘hot spots’ during heating. The slim design looks great in your kitchen and offers a modern glass door. The interior size is huge. The 1.3 cubic foot capacity features interior dimensions of 14” x 9” x 15”.

  • Cooks food quickly and evenly due to inverter
  • Slim design
  • Huge interior size

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Best programming: Cuisinart CMW-70C Compact Microwave

Cuisinart’s reputation for making reliable kitchen appliances is well known. The CMW-70C Compact Microwave follows this tradition. Though it has a smaller capacity and wattage than some of the other microwaves on our list, it offers a unique memory feature that you can’t find in other microwaves.

This microwave has many settings, making it a chore to program the power setting, timer, and more for your favourite foods. Thankfully, this microwave allows you to save these options. There are three available memory slots, which can save settings for the foods you cook most often.

You can program these memory options using the large touchpad controls. The text is large enough that it’s easy to read, even for those who struggle a bit with smaller text. You can choose from one of 11 adjustable power levels, perfect for warming food, cooking, defrosting, and more.

Six pre-programmed options provide a starting point for your favourite meals. These include settings for popcorn, potatoes, pizza, frozen veggies, beverages, and a special ‘reheat’ option for leftovers. If you don’t want to set those options, you can always use the Express Cook mode, which sets the microwave at 100% power for between 1 and 6 minutes. These options cook your food quickly.

This microwave has an attractive stainless steel finish and classy accents, including the handle on the pull door. Now, you never have to forget the settings for your favourite dishes. Plus, it looks good in your kitchen, too.

Features of the Cuisinart CMW-70C Compact Microwave

Memory options

If you cook the same meals often, you know it can be a pain to set the microwave each time. This microwave features three memory slots, so you can keep the settings for your favourite meals saved.

Large touchpad controls

The touchpad on the control panel features large numbers and bold text. Even those who have trouble seeing smaller text will be able to use this microwave’s touchpad.

Express cook buttons

Express cooking buttons allow you to cook food quickly. You can set the microwave to cook at 100% power for 1-6 minutes for fast preparation.

Adjustable power level

There are 11 adjustable power levels available on the Cuisinart CMW-70C. You can change from 0% to 100% power easily, giving you the freedom to warm food on lower settings or cook it using the higher settings.

What sets the Cuisinart CMW-70C Compact Microwave apart?

This microwave from Cuisinart is perfect for apartments and other small spaces. It features all of the options of a larger model in a compact package. This includes six cooking presets (popcorn, potato, frozen veggies, pizza, beverage, and reheat). If you need to defrost something from your freezer, you can choose to use weight or time. The stainless steel accents look nice in most modern kitchens, too.

  • Six pre-programmed options
  • Defrost by weight or time
  • Stainless steel accents

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How to choose a microwave in Canada

Microwaves are an essential appliance in any modern kitchen. When you’re looking to purchase a new microwave, take the following advice into account.

How often should you replace your microwave?

How long have you had your current microwave? If it’s over 10 years old, you might consider replacing it. After ten years, your microwave might not be working correctly. On top of this, the Canadian microwave market is always improving. There are always new technological advances that could be making your life easier.

On top of age, there are a few signs that it’s time to replace your microwave. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, consider replacing your current appliance.

  • Food doesn’t cook
  • Odd sounds or smells
  • The door doesn’t close
  • The buttons have stopped working
  • You’re seeing sparks
  • You smell burning

What we looked for

We looked at the following features and options when choosing the best microwaves in Canada for our list.

Size & capacity

Size and capacity are important features to keep in mind. There are a variety of options available on the market, but you want to choose one that has enough room for your food. Consider what you regularly use the microwave for. Steer clear of smaller 0.7 cubic-foot options if you’re often warming full plates. These microwaves simply don’t have the space for an entire dinner plate inside.

Outside of the interior capacity of the microwave, size also matters. Take some time to plan out where you’ll put a microwave. Measure the space you have on your countertop. Choose a microwave that will fit into this space without any issues.


The wattage of your microwave determines how fast it can cook food. The wattage is a power rating, meaning that higher wattage microwaves cook faster and more efficiently. Smaller wattage options work fine, but they might take additional time to cook your food.

Control panel

The control panel is one of the most important parts of your microwave. Choose a control panel with large, bold text that isn’t going to be difficult to read. Make sure that you look at the control panel before buying, even if you’re just looking at pictures on a product listing. Choosing one that will be simple and easy for you to operate is key.

Most microwaves offer comprehensive control panels. The touch panels can be hard to press, or they can work very smoothly – it just depends on the brand. Consider the control panel before you make a final decision.

Cooking modes

Cooking modes are special settings that the microwave saves for popular types of food. Popcorn, for example, is nearly always listed as a cooking mode. When activating these modes, you simply need to press the button on the control panel. The microwave will adjust to the settings needed for the type of food you’re cooking.

Some popular cooking modes include:

  • Popcorn
  • Potato
  • Dinner plate/reheat
  • Pizza
  • Beverage
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Meat
  • And more.

Look for a microwave with presets you’ll use.


One of the main features of a microwave is defrosting. When you forget to take meat or other foods out of the freezer in time for dinner, you can use your microwave’s defrosting feature to thaw it rapidly. Most of the time, this is completely safe.

Modern microwaves have great defrost options. They can change the settings based on the type of food you’re defrosting, as well as the weight and time associated with the defrosting process. The more defrosting options, the better – you never know when you’re going to need it.

Power settings

Another great feature of modern microwaves is adjustable power settings. Most microwaves will not allow you to adjust the percentage of power they use for each cooking session. You can keep your dinner warm at 10% power, for instance, while you use 100% power to cook foods very quickly. Most microwaves have 10 or 11 power settings to try.


Unfortunately, a host of new features makes modern microwaves a bit more expensive than they used to be. If the last time you bought a microwave was 10 years ago, you might be shocked by the price of a new microwave.

Rest assured that the number of features a microwave has raises the price. If you’re on a budget, look for a smaller microwave with fewer features. They still exist, but it might be worth saving up for a microwave with more convenient features.

Other features
There are a ton of microwave features to look for, and not all of them deserve their separate considerations.

Child locks, for instance, are great for protecting your kids from hot foods. If this is a concern, choose a microwave that locks the door down until you disable the lock. This way, your kids won’t be able to get into the microwave and burn themselves.

Features like express cooking make your life easier. Express cooking options may allow you to rapidly prepare foods. You don’t have to wait very long with express cooking features.

Other microwaves may use a mute button to keep the chime quiet. They might use an ECO mode to reduce electricity consumption.

It’s important to look at a microwave’s full list of features before making a decision. Choosing the best microwave for you means deciding which features are important to you.

Final thoughts

You may not replace your microwave all that often, but getting one that fits your needs is crucial. Consider new technologies and features within your budget when purchasing a new microwave. The list we’ve compiled features the best microwaves in Canada for any price range. We hope you found your next microwave on our list!