Landfill site rates are increasing in La Nation.  

At the November 8 council meeting, Environmental Infrastructure Manager Daniel Desforges delivered a report stating the fees for La Nation’s landfills are the lowest in the region.  

The previous rate for waste at La Nation’s South Plantagenet and Limoges landfill sites was 40 cents per cubic foot. The new rate for both sites will be 65 cents per cubic foot, with a minimum charge of $2 if the amount weighs less than the rate per cubic foot. A $4 minimum rate will also apply to all landfill users who do not pay on site and require the municipality to mail them an invoice. 

In comparison, the fee at the privately-owned Green For Life landfill in North Stormont is $95 per ton. At the Alfred and Plantagenet Township landfill, the rates are a minimum tipping fee of $10, depositing a few bags costs $10, household waste is 65 cents per cubic foot, and construction waste costs $1.30 per cubic foot. In Champlain Township all waste costs 65 cents per cubic foot to leave at the landfill site. For landfill sites in Clarence-Rockland, the minimum tipping fee is $20, residential and commercial waste costs $90 per ton, the fee for construction and concrete waste is $45 per ton, mixed loads cost $135 per ton, and items containing refrigerant cost $20 to leave at the landfill site. 

According to Desforges, low landfill rates encourage people who live outside the municipality to drive to La Nation, which makes it more difficult for landfill staff to know if users are residents of the municipality or not, and if the waste they are bringing originated from within La Nation. Desforges explained that increasing the fees could help resolve the issues. 

Desforges told council that payment at landfill sites in La Nation is only accepted by debit card. Users who cannot pay at the site are sent an invoice. He estimated it costs approximately three dollars to prepare and mail each invoice. Desforges said a minimum fee will also encourage users to bring more garbage to the landfill site with each visit. He said the number of non-residents using La Nation landfill sites has decreased to one or two per month. A letter is sent to each non-resident user telling them they can no longer use a landfill site in La Nation. 

In 2020, the South Plantagenet landfill site collected 65,060 cubic feet of waste and the Limoges site collected 75,008 cubic feet. Under the new fee structure, based on 2020 waste amounts, the South Plantagenet landfill could collect $41,639 per year and the Limoges site could collect $48,755 per year. 

Ward boundary by-law 

There will now officially be six wards in La Nation, beginning with the 2022 municipal election. On November 8, council approved the by-law establishing the new ward boundaries, which means there will be six councillors and a mayor after the election. 

Council was obligated to approve the six-ward format following a ruling by the Ontario Land Tribunal which overturned an earlier decision by council to remain with four wards. A group of citizens appealed the earlier four-ward decision to the tribunal.  

Councillor Francis Brière moved approval of the by-law and it was seconded by Councillor Danik Forgues. There was no debate involving the approval of the by-law.