The arrival of a new team, especially in a not-for-profit organization, is often synonymous with a new vision, bringing in new ideas, new projects and new achievements. The Arbor Gallery is no different.

In what is hopefully the tail end of the pandemic, the Arbor Gallery is positioning itself to become – once again – a strong part of the community. Following are some of the events coming up at the gallery.

Jephcott On & Off The Wall
Following a successful vernissage, filled with joy and laughter, Susan Jephcott’s show runs until November 21. The art is colourful and vibrant, as is the personage. Meet & Greet visits are possible by appointment for patrons who wish to enjoy the show and the artist’s generous and fascinating guided visits.

Christmas popups – More than just gifts

November 13-14 : Susan McAlpine, author and Manon Sauvé, Fused Glass Artist

On November 13 and 14, Susan McAlpine, author, is presenting her wonderful book, ‘Everything on The Table’.

The author’s work as a physiotherapist brought her to visit elderly people in their homes – not only helping them but listening to them about their hardship and the challenges that they met on their hero’s journeys. These conversations invariably moved to food, and recipes were shared.

In her heartwarming book, McAlpine shares insights about these people and their families, and the recipes that she included. Beautifully written and presented, this book is the perfect gift for anyone for Christmas.

Local artist Manon Sauvé will also be presenting on November 13 and 14. Sauvé discovered stained glass in 2006 and fell in love with the artform from the start.

“Everything about glass fascinates me,” the artist explains. “The possibilities are endless.”

Sauvé’s creations certainly confirm that fascination. Formal training and experimentation have led her to develop her own style and her art expresses her love for beauty and form.

Popup Shops will run on weekends, until December 12.

Coup de Coeur – A community show

Beginning on November 25, the Arbor Gallery is proud to present a show for the community, by the community.

Inspired by the love of art and how it can liven up our day-to-day lives, community members are invited to look through their home and find an art piece that they love: their Coup de Coeur. They are invited to share this piece with the community, with a short story, telling why they treasure it.

“The response from the community has been wonderful,” says Sylvie Bouchard, member of the Board, “People’s eyes light up as they go ‘Oh! I know which one!’.”

“To date, we have about a dozen people preparing their entries. No art for sale during that show, just sharing the joy.”

Gift baskets from local merchants such as Gardenpath Homemade Soap, Vankleek Cottage, Jade Garden and The Review, will be drawn among participants on the last day, Saturday, December 18.

“The pandemic has cut us off from the community, and we miss it,” says Bouchard. “This show is a perfect example of community arts.”

“It’s all about the love and the connection. That is our vision.”

New Saturday hours at the Arbor Gallery

Holiday Saturday hours at the gallery: 10 am to 4 pm. November and December. The gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday, noon to 4pm.

For more information email [email protected] of visit

Susan McAlpine, author, is presenting her book, ‘Everything on The Table’, November 14-15 at the Arbor Gallery.