To safeguard students and school staff, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) detachments and the Ontario Ministry of Education-funded school boards have had safety protocols in place in the event of emergency situations, since 2011.

The protocols include strategies to assess and reduce the risk to school occupants and the community.

On November 3, members of the Hawkesbury Detachment of the OPP, Community Safety Officers and Field Support Bureau members attended the École élémentaire catholique Saint-Grégoire school in Vankleek Hill to conduct its annual “LOCKDOWN” exercise.

School Principal Martin Robitaille invited the OPP to conduct the exercise to ensure that, in the event of a worrisome incident, staff, students and police would be ready.

Constable Kenneth Gray conducted the exercise and was pleased to report that the school received a flawless review—the students were fantastic.

The OPP are always ready to assist local schools in these exercises to ensure the safety of our most precious resource—our youth.