More than 20 people fanned out across Hawkesbury on the morning of Saturday, September 25, to reduce the amount of litter around town. 

The cleanup effort was part of a partnership between the Hawkesbury Rotary Club and Ottawa Riverkeeper. Rotary is also the coordinator of the The Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup in communities with waterways flowing to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. 

“I’ve seen them pull out shopping carts, I’ve seen them pull out all kinds of stuff,” said Hawkesbury Rotarian Jeanne Charlebois, organizer of the local event. 

Confederation Park was one of five sites across town where volunteers donned rubber gloves, carried pick-up sticks, and filled garbage bags to remove litter. The other sites were in the area of the Tim Hortons on McGill Street, Cyr de Lasalle Park, the Bon Pasteur Street bridge, and the Cote de l’abattoir 

Saturday’s cleanup was the first one organized by the Hawkesbury Rotary Club. President Kevin Barron said he was pleased with the turnout.

Volunteers from the community and members of the Hawkesbury Rotary Club gathered at Confederation Park on September 25 to clean up litter at five sites around town. Photo: James Morgan