Clarence-Rockland Mayor Mayor Zanth is not pleased that some customers have been behaving badly over proof of vaccination at local businesses. Proof of vaccination became required at certain businesses, including restaurants, across Ontario on September 22. Zanth issued the following statement on the afternoon of Thursday, September 23:

“I was very disappointed and saddened to learn that business employees and owners were victims of verbal abuse and threats, as the mandatory proof of vaccination to enter some establishments came into force yesterday,” read Zanth’s staement. “I am sincerely asking residents and clients to not intimidate employees, young students for the most part. Businesses are only following guidelines from the Province of Ontario. They do not have a choice if they want to stay open, after months of being closed.”

“These servers, hostesses and business owners are our friends, our neighbours, our children. They do not deserve to be victims of bullying and intimidation simply for doing their jobs.”