To The Editor,

Are you shaking your heads, as I am? Champlain Council is supporting what appears to be an upstart group to petition the United Counties and Champlain to develop a Climate Action Plan.

Please do not jump to the wrong conclusion just yet. I believe the climate crisis is real and – as recently stated by the IOC – the G7 countries have failed to meet their target goal as of this date and those previously agreed to within the Paris Accord.

Provincial grant was given to the Counties to fund PR Transpo on an experimental basis, if memory serves me correctly. Yes, the service was suspended due to the pandemic and is scheduled to resume service shortly throughout the counties, if not already, subject to demand. So the United Counties has already implemented a segment of the requested Climate Action Plan.

Again, programs to retrofit buildings are currently available through various government programs – both provincially and federally.

With respect to the topic of electric charging stations; would that not be better left to private entrepreneurship rather than government? Or in other words, us. Also, clarification of the word “procurement” as quoted in The Review, in the groups presentation is ambiguous to say the least. Last I heard, buyers of electric vehicles receive a rebate and benefits not applicable to the rest of us. NOTE: electric vehicles use the highway system, however, do not contribute to the maintenance/upgrades of said system.

In the course of one of the in-person public council meetings, prior to COVID, a young teenager made her presentation to the members of Champlain Council, with respect to initiating a green waste composting program. Council applauded said presentation, however shortly thereafter it was deemed too expensive to consider. Based upon the ‘Coalition for Climate Action’ presentation, is it now under reconsideration?

The question for the council members: is this initiative a duplication – an unnecessary one at that – of programs already available and is the demand substantial enough to warrant this expense, which is not provided for in the Township of Champlain’s budget?

Jim Walsh