A notice of motion was introduced to Brownsburg-Chatham council on September 7 to authorize spending up to $430,000 for rehabilitation work on the Silverson bridge. The notice of motion was introduced by Councillor Steven Rowland. 

Emergency brickwork 

A brick wall at Fire Station #1 in Brownsburg needs emergency repairs. A report presented at council explains there is a risk of bricks falling if repairs are not made. On September 7, council approved the repairs. However, the masonry is not free. The estimated cost to the municipality is $24,250. 

Setting the speed 

At the September 7 meeting, council approved reducing the speed limit on the 2ième Concession to 50 kilometres per hour from the Grenville-sur-la-Rouge boundary to montée Stonefield. Director-General Jean-François Brunet said the reduction will keep the limit closer to in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge where it is 40 kilometres per hour. The section in Brownsburg-Chatham passes through wooded areas and past farms. 

Council also approved setting the speed limit at 30 kilometres per hour on rue Réjean, rue Lavigne, rue du Rossignol, rue de la Tourterelle, rue du Cardinal, and rue de l’Hirondelle. The six streets are in new residential areas across the municipality. 

How cloudy is the water? 

On September 7, council approved purchasing new turbidimeters for the water filtration plant, located at 300 rue Woodland in the village of Brownsburg. The cost for the meters is $9,741.97. Turbidimeters are used to measure cloudiness in the water.