To the Editor:
Our little purple softball bubble.  Every week since public health allowed us to play the purple has come out ready for a great night of softball.
Maybe we never won a game, but our team spirit and friendship made sure we always had a great time. Tonight was a demonstration that having fun is always the most important factor, we the VKH Softball Purple Team won our very first game of the season. Who we beat doesn’t matter, but having this wonderful feeling was truly worth the hard work and wait.
We all want to thank Derek for organizing a fabulous season and Mike for doing a great job as umpire. Without either of them this event would not be possible.

Our Amazing Team: Lesley, Fred, Ken, Joe, Eric, Malcolm, Morganne, Alex, Alain, Paige, Kim, Nick, Corina, Megan and our amazing spares Jacob, Mekena, Vero, Steve, Corey, Chris and Justin

Thank you,

Corina Parisien