To the Editor,

And here we go again, that old refrain, “As to having a vaccine or not …” published in the August 4 edition of The Review:

Quoting, “We live in a free country and therefore…. Nobody has the right to force someone into doing something that they are not comfortable with.”

Call Canada a free country if you like, but there are limits to freedom. We must pay our taxes, we must live within boundaries set by our country’s laws and bylaws. There are even limits set by ethics, by conduct in public, by the Golden Rule. Medical doctors live, by and large, by the Hippocratic Oath. And so on and so forth.

We must respect the right to live in a safe environment, or at least as safe as can be reasonably expected. And I mean an environment where the transmission of something like COVID-19 is guarded against to the best of reasoned opinions of our medical professionals.

Sigh …

Henry K van Eyken,
Lakefield, Quebec