The town of Lachute now has its first parks master plan.

The document is based on the municipality’s strategic objectives set in 2019.

Near the walking path at Parc Barron, interpretive signs explaining the parks master plan will be on display during the next few weeks explaining the plan. Information is also available in each of the 12 municipal parks and green spaces.

The main objectives of the parks master plan are to provide a portrait of the current network of parks, and to evaluate and rethink the parks network, so it is more accessible and adapted to the population.

“The revitalization and enhancement of our parks and other recreational spaces will allow Lachute families and visitors to see how the well-being of our population is at the heart of our priorities,” said Mayor Carl Péloquin.

The report classifies 12 land properties and four bodies of water as four different types of parks. Bernard-Guay, des Colibris, Horace-Lamarche, and Malaket parks are classified as proximity parks because of their neighbourhood roles. Ayers and Richelieu parks are classified as municipal parks, and Barron, Halte-Routière, Hotel-de-ville, Mady, Mont-Joie, and Mountainview parks have been classified as greenspaces.

Bluespaces is the classification given to Lac Émilie, Rivière-de l’Ouest, Rivière-du Nord, and Lac Beattie.

The report identifies numerous neighbourhoods that are located more than a 15-minute walk from a park and aims to make parks more within the reach of residents. Main roads, waterways, and railroads are identified as constraints to giving citizens easy access to parks.

One significant plan is to designate Mady and Mont-Jolie greenspace parks as neighbourhood-proximity parks. The plan also proposes reaching agreements with school authorities to integrate parks and playgrounds located by schools into the town park system, through joint investments in facilities so citizens can use parks outside of school hours.

Four objectives are set in the parks plan. They are to maintain existing equipment, improve the level of facilities and equipment, and add equipment and facilities.

For example, a public barbecue, outdoor ping-pong table, and amenities for cyclists could be added to Parc Bernard-Guay. The skateboard park and tennis courts will be maintained at Parc Ayers, but picnic tables and cycling amenities could also be added.

All existing facilities at Parc Richelieu will be kept, but a dog park could be added. At Parc Barron in the centre of town, the report plans extending the path to connect with the new library, which is to be in the former United Church building on rue Principale.

As part of the planned upgrade of Parc Mady to a proximity park, the report proposes adding a playground, improved pathway access, and possibly a parking area. A playground is also planned for Parc Mont-Jolie. The existing petanque, shuffleboard, and community garden space at the park will be maintained.

To consult the Parks Master Plan, go to:

Comments on the Lachute parks master plan may be sent to [email protected] .