Québec Minister of Health and Social Services Christian Dubé, provided an update on August 10 on the COVID-19 situation across the province.

Due to the increase of cases, the minister believes it constitutes the start of a fourth wave. As a result, the government is planning to require the use of a vaccination passport available as of September 1 across Québec. Two pilot projects will be set up to test the reading of the QR code on the proof of vaccination each resident has received. Support teams from the department of health and social services will be provided to businesses directly the pilot project sites which are a sports bar in Québec City and a fitness centre in Laval.

The objective for the vaccination passport is to allow adequately vaccinated people to have access to high traffic public events and activities with high contact rate for non-essential activities and services.

Participation in pilot projects is voluntary. No one will be denied access to these businesses. Once full in effect, the vaccination passport will allow adequately protected persons to access places where non-essential activities are carried out. On the recommendation of public health authorities, these places could include, among others, gyms, bars, and activities such as team or contact sports. The passport will not be required to access essential services and excludes retail businesses.

Work is to be planned in order to offer people from other provinces and abroad who have received officially recognized the ability of accessing places where the passport is required.

Since Monday, August 9 any positive COVID-19 test result has been added to the vaccine evidence. Citizens will be well informed. If they have had such a result followed by a vaccine, a notification will be sent to them.