As our communities and stores begin to once again open their doors, we are able to return to our normal routines; as normal as they can be anyways. Many of us are probably finding ourselves heading straight into the fast lane again.

The excitement comes with being able to go shopping for clothes, eating inside restaurants, participating in organized sports and community activities again, or just being able to go back into work, has us all pushing the gas pedal to the floor. We want to take advantage of the reopening, not knowing how long it may continue. It’s also encouraging to be allowed larger family and friend gatherings. Weddings can have larger guest lists. All exciting reasons to fill up our social calendars once again, but also causes us to travel in the busy traffic lane, instead of continuing along at a leisurely pace on a back country road.

Thankfully, we have had many memorable summer nights, which have acted as a highway road block and detoured us to a country road again. Evenings sitting around a bonfire, catching up with friends you haven’t seen all summer. Singing along to a friend playing the guitar, no one caring that we’re all off tune or don’t remember all the words. Nights when we get a night off parenting duty, so I hop in the tractor with my farmer while he finishes up trimming ditches, watching the sun set together. Time well spent with close friends and loved ones, which didn’t involve trips to the city or spending money. They are the perfect opportunity to wind down after a long week, turn the radio off and just soak in the peacefulness the comfort of our own home and roads have to offer.

This time of year is very busy for my hardworking farmer. He has spent many, many long hours baling hay and straw for his many clients. Cruising down the fields, windows and doors of the tractor wide open, while he kicks dust up behind him. Our little man doesn’t get to see too much of daddy during these busy times, unless he gets the chance to be his co-pilot for a few rounds. The odd day he does get off we try to take advantage of that special time, like take a trip to visit the animals at the Ecomuseum. All house chores and other day plans are dropped at the blink of an eye when daddy asks if we want to do something together.

Opportunities to spend family time together away from the fast lanes of our day to day lives, are rare during the summer, so anytime we get a chance to turn down a dirt road we take full advantage of it. As the world around us picks up speed again, it is important for all of us to remember the lessons we learned about cherishing valuable family time, personal care time and just the pure importance of slowing down. There is no point in wasting time sitting in traffic when you could be taking a less stressful trip down a back road!